Do you like hot firefighters? How about sweet romance? OK then do you want to add a bit of mystery into the mix? Then ABLAZE is the perfect book for you.

Paramedic Lexi Fletcher has transferred to Station 58 and she is thrilled for a couple of reasons. One is her commute is shorter the other is Dane Chandler. He’s a firefighter who sets her on fire. Just when things manage to warm up for the couple strange things start to happen. Some of the patients she has brought to the hospital are turning up dead even though they were in stable if not good condition when she left them. Something is not right and the only one who believes her is Dane. Are these just freaky coincidences or is someone out there killing people.

ABLAZE is to put it simply … a great read. Between the couple, the atmosphere of the fire fighter world and an interesting mystery you will find yourself unable to put this book down. The characters are believable and interesting with varied personalities that you will allow you to enjoy the camaraderie of the heroes. Add sometimes funny moments to the story line. The romance moves at a good pace (might have gone faster if some “friends” would stop dropping by at just the wrong time). The touch of mystery was just right and as I am one who tries to solve the crime before I get to the reveal, I must admit I was not looking at the right “bad guy.” The station is filled with fascinating men and women and I can’t wait to see who is next.

Review: Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews


Kate Daniels and Curran Lennart, the former Beast Lord, are making wedding preparations, starting with who will officiate their ceremony. Unfortunately, Saiman has been kidnapped and Kate can’t allow the challenge from her father to go unnoticed. Worse yet, a Witch Oracle sees a vision that the end of the world- or at least Atlanta- will occur if they follow through with the wedding. Can Kate change the future and keep the man she loves by her side?

MAGIC BINDS is the ninth book in the Kate Daniels series and I highly suggest reading this series in order. The world building and character development have been building over the course of the series. MAGIC BINDS continues the story arc involving Roland’s encroachment on Atlanta and thus is best appreciated in the context of the series as a whole. Besides, the Kate Daniels series is one of the best urban fantasy series out there so missing out on reading even one book is just sad!

Kate is one of my favorite urban fantasy heroines. I love her feisty attitude, even when odds seem firmly against her. MAGIC BINDS shows Kate with a new challenge- she has to fight her own urges to rule as her father does. Curran’s love for Kate and his willingness to help her through the moments when she’s not quite so human make me love him even more.

And oh… how could I talk about MAGIC BINDS without at least mentioning Christopher and Roman. Roman may be my new favorite character in the series (second to Kate, of course). I love his snarky comments and hope we get to see at least a short story featuring him. As for Christopher, I won’t reveal spoilers but oh my! The revelations we get about Christopher alone would have made MAGIC BINDS a hit!

If you haven’t read a book by Ilona Andrews, stop what you are doing now and read the Kate Daniels series. You won’t regret it. Ilona Andrews is one of THE best urban fantasy authors out there and the Kate Daniels series is proof. Highly recommended!

Review: Killing Thyme by Leslie Budewitz


Pepper Reece’s hands are full, as she’s busy making her Spice Shop profitable. Pike Place Market offers lots of opportunities for collaboration and inspiration, but a recent newcomer to the Market is causing some division. Bonnie Clay’s pottery is exceptional, but what is her tie to Pepper’s mother? Pepper’s mother, Lena, won’t divulge her secrets, but did those secrets lead to murder?

KILLING THYME is the third book in Leslie Budewitz’s Spice Shop Mystery series, and each new book is just as charming as the prior books! KILLING THYME can easily be read as a standalone story, particularly since Leslie Budewitz provides us with a helpful “Market Roll Call” of all the various characters in her story. The first two books in the series focused more on Pepper’s immediate issues (both with her store and her love life) while KILLING THYME digs deeper into Pepper’s past.

I love the setting of KILLING THYME, as we see Pepper experimenting with various scrumptious sounding blends. Leslie Budewitz offers readers tantalizing recipes, even as Pepper samples other delightful wares in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. In fact, a large part of the appeal of the Spice Shop Mystery series is the delightful atmosphere Leslie Budewitz crafts for the readers. Her world is one I want to visit time and time again.

KILLING THYME is yet another fun installment in the Spice Shop Mystery series. Pepper’s feisty personality coupled with phenomenal world building make KILLING THYME and the rest of the Spice Shop Mystery series a definite hit. Easily recommended!

*Copy received from the author*

Review: The Confectioners Tale by Laura Madeline


Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books (September 20, 2016)

Publication Date: September 20, 2016       Sold by: Macmillan

ASIN: B01CCWKXEG    Rating 4*

Petra Stevenson absolutely adored her grandfather, Jim. They were as close could be and Petra believed that she knew everything about him. Attending a class Petra was enraged when a guest speaker at the college named Hall, begins a campaign to besmirch her grandfather’s memory.  Then to top off a pretty rotten day, Petra found an old photograph among her grandfather’s things that showed a much younger Jim and a man and woman she could not recognize. Written on the back of the photo in Jim’s handwriting were the words, “Forgive me.”

Petra is determined to access the rest of her grandfather’s journals and personal papers, but gets stonewalled by the biographer Hall, and by her estranged father. Hall claims to have scandalous information about Jim that will make the biography he is writing a bestseller; he just needs a little bit more of the back history. Furious with her father who will not budge when it comes to preventing Hall from accessing anything he wants Petra needs the information Hall has to discover what Jim’s secret shame and pain is all about and steals back the information Hall stole from HER.  Thus begins Petra’s journey to uncover her grandfather’s shame.

I will say up front that this was a good read but with author Laura Madaleine going back and forth, and between present day with Petra and back in 1800s France where “Jim’s shame” is uncovered through the two star-crossed lovers story of Gui and Jeanne.  I got very confused, well not so much confused but for me the back and forth was not a comforting way to read.   The end did leave me somewhat choked up but the style of writing was simply not my cuppa.

Marilyn Rondeau

Deadly Silence



Ryker Jones and his “brothers” have many irons in the fires with their agency. He knows with his past he shouldn’t have become involved with paralegal Zara Remington but he will now do anything he can to keep her safe.

Zara knows she is taking a chance with her career by helping a friend who’s getting a divorce, especially with her husband a client of the firm she works for. Suddenly her world spirals out of control and the only thing she is sure of is Ryker, but can she really trust him. There is more she doesn’t know than things she does know. When her problems come to an explosive head and his past comes following they can only trust each other and the brothers that life had chosen for him. But waiting in the wings is a surprise that none of them could have expected.

Ryker is all alpha with a soft spot for those in need of help, he would do anything for his brothers and he knows he should give Zara up, because he knows that they will be running soon. But he can’t especially when he knows she is in trouble and needs him. Zara is confused by Ryker, she wants more but she is trying hard to accept the friends with benefits that he seemed to want. Then he goes and changes the rules and she finds herself part of a family, something she always wanted, but this one has danger as its shadow.

DEADLY SILENCE is an unbelievable intensely powerful read. Fans of Rebecca Zanetti know that this is book one of a spin-off of her popular Sin Brothers books. It is the story of Zara and Ryker while giving us time to get to know his “blood brothers” Heath and Denver with their horrible abusive past. With the past coming back to haunt them, we get to see what the evil doctor that we all came to hate in the past has been up to. Yes, she is alive and still planning to do her experiments, unless they can stop her … and they are all willing to die trying.

If you loved the Sin Brothers books then you will definitely love DEADLY SILENCE. It is intense, steamy, funny, heartbreaking and action packed. Do not think this is a quick pick-up, put-down read … so be prepared.

Review: American Assassin by Vince Flynn


Simon and Schuster AudioAuthor         Performed by: George Guidall

Listening Length: 11 hours and 36 minutes

Audible.com Release Date: October 12, 2010    ASIN: B0046XYGIO

Knowing how much I love suspense and deep covert type books, I was advised to try Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series.   So naturally I went and bought the very first book to find out who this guy was and I suppose I wasn’t really surprised when I discovered just how wonderful it was to discover a new to me author and a series I fully intend to follow!    I missed my calling – in that had I been introduced at an early age to covert ops and such I would have signed right up! Yet in spite of my day dreams I live vicariously through the written page of masters of the genre, like Mr. Vince Flynn.

Mitch Rapp initially was a top athlete whose thoughts of being any type of super agent was the furthest thing from his mind before tragedy struck.  Decades of partisan politics had left the country in a vulnerable position but thankfully that was about to change with the help of Cold War and CIA operations director Thomas Stansfield who knows we must prepared for the rise of Islamic terroism most knew was coming.

Mitch Rapp had lost the love of his life on the Pan Am Lockerbie terrorist attack.  Now he was out for revenge, and a chance with little more than six month of intense training has prepared him to go after the arms dealers who are at the beginning of the chain of madmen which Mitch is decidedly ready to eradicate.

Absolute, suspense, and high octane writing kept me on the edge of the seat through out this incredible audio version of AMERICAN ASSASSIN.   George Guidall’s performance was spot on thrusting the listener right into the middle of the action.   Personally, I am grateful to those who pointed me in Vince Flynn’s direction.  This is a series I can’t wait to sink my teeth into!

Marilyn Rondeau

Review: Destined for a King by Ashlyn Macnamara


(The Bastard Brotherhood #1)

Published September 6th 2016 by Loveswept

ISBN13: 9781101967874          Rating 5*

Calista Thorne is destined for a king, but when a gang of landless knights attack her ancestral home of Blackbriar Keep she is ready to defend and sinks a poisoned tip arrow into the commander of the opposing force.  Torch stays conscious long enough to lay claim to the keep and Calista herself before passing out leaving Calista to either cure Torch or watch her father be executed.

Hating the position she is in Calista knows that saving Torch is going to be touch and go, she must save him, and as the days pass, she becomes a little more enthralled with his tautly muscled body, and his whispered demands.

Torch is determined to win back the throne which is rightly his by birth from the man who killed his father.  He has lived in shadows for years within the Bastard Brotherhood when in truth he should be king.

The adventure and excitement of the battles,  bravery, betrayals, kept the pace of this book rolling along at a great clip, so it’s definitely a fast read.   A read which I derived great pleasure from reading, keeping the reader totally focused both on the simmering romance and excitement of battles and suspense.

DESTINED FOR A KING is the first book in the Bastard Brotherhood series which I am sure I will be following!

Marilyn Rondeau

Her Rogue Alpha


Layla Halliwell is a feline shifter who is in love with former Special Force Jayson Harmon. Unfortunately he was badly injured and in pain and can’t get his head around the fact that this beauty wants nothing more than have him as HER ROGUE ALPHA.

Unknown to Layla, Jayson allows himself to be a test guinea pig in the hopes of being stronger and in his mind worthy of Layla. Almost immediately he is sent out on a mission that is suppose to be a simple search and rescue that goes horribly wrong and he is almost taken out by his so called partner. Layla breaks the rules and goes after him because she knows something that he doesn’t about the injection that he took. Will she be in time or too late? And will the truth be too much for them to even have a chance.

HER ROGUE ALPHA is action packed but with a lot of personal interaction going on. This is Layla and Jayson’s fantastic story but a number of other plot lines continue in author Paige Tyler’s X-Ops series. I loved Layla and her determination to make a difference in the world around her and to try to make Jayson come to his senses. I understand where Jayson is coming from; he had been special forces and now reduced to a weapons specialist, but I wanted to bang his head in the wall for taking the chance with the hybrid drug. Why would he trust the idiot who is charge of that particular part of the operations? No one does! Oh … well I guess love will make you do stupid things. I enjoyed all the different touches that lets the reader revisit characters from the previous books as always and the ongoing situations that has readers biting their nails wondering what will happen next. Ms. Tyler is one of my automatic reads and this one is no exception, so if you love shifters, alpha heroes, romance, action and a few surprises then HER ROGUE ALPHA has got to be in your hands.

Twilight Dreams



When Holly Parrish mistakes Micah Ravenwood for someone else, her life takes on a dramatic and unforeseen turn. She finds herself in the midst of TWILIGHT DREAMS where vampires exist and this gorgeous man is one of them

Micah is a vampire who has survived thanks to the help of a close friend Rylan Saintcrow, a very ancient vampire. Micah remembers much of his humanity, he still has his family, who don’t know what he has become and now he has the beginning of a sweet romance going with a lovely woman.

Too bad another ancient vampire is hunting his friend and pulling him into danger and by his involvement with Holly she is a target too. Unfortunately, Holly doesn’t have time to adjust to the new world she had been thrown into making things very uncomfortable and very worrisome. Holly has to decide if she is still sane and if she could possibly love a vampire … he’s gorgeous and sweet but … he’s dead.

Author Amanda Ashley taking us into her amazing world of vampires with another sexy, intriguing read in TWILIGHT DREAMS. Micah’s story is touching and makes you understand his reluctance in falling for Holly, having buried a past human lover. Holly is feisty, though there were a few times that I found her irritating, but then again I haven’t found out the guy I was falling in love with is a vampire. Not sure how I would handle that either. I loved that when Micah realizes that Holly is in danger his first thought is her protection and the safest place he could think of is the town he had left behind, protected by the most powerful vampire he knows. It was also very interesting that Micah’s “human” family didn’t have any idea of his being a vampire and the danger they face that forces him to admit to the truth. I loved his mother’s reaction and as a Mom myself can totally understand her.

TWILIGHT DREAMS is the sequel to “As Twilight Falls” where we met Rylan and Kadie and in this book we have time to learn more about their lives while Holly works through her worries and fears. Micah also has a few things to think over too and of course we get some very steamy moments while they are both thinking. I have never been disappointed in any of Ms. Ashley’s books and this one is right up there with the others.

Quick note: This is a book I reviewed originally for Fresh Fiction in 2015 but this re-release has been added to for Ms. Ashley’s new publisher. If you enjoyed the first go around with the added scenes and time it is even better. Can’t wait to see what comes next.