Looking for a Sweet read…look no further than Candis Terry

Recently I started reading Candis Terry.  Why, you may ask did I decide to read Candis Terry?  The answer is really quite simple!  At the beginning of 2015 I made a resolution that I would I would attempt to read all the authors who were calling or Skyping with my local book club.  I’ve not been very successful, but I have read several.  Since Ms. Terry is going to be the author in September that we’ll be chatting with I decided it was time to change her status from languishing unread in my TBR to read!

I started with ANYTHING BUT SWEET as I thought this was the first book in the series.  There was a little bit of backstory that had me wondering if I missed something, but the bit of research I did still had me believing that ANYTHING BUT SWEET was the first book.  I thought ok…Ms. Terry just didn’t give us this full back story, but we’d get it eventually.  I’ve learned since then that perhaps the backstory I was wanting is in CRAZY SWEET FINE, but since I’ve not read this yet I don’t know.

Since book club hasn’t happened yet, and I’ve glommed all the Marie Force I feel I should for the moment (don’t want to get burnt out on a new favorite author) I decided to read SWEETEST MISTAKE by Ms. Terry.  What did I learn by reading that?  I learned that because I still have some time before the September book club meets that I need to get SOMETHING SWEETER read. 

Yes, these books are slightly older and not necessarily the one that will be discussed at book club, but my book club is very understanding about those of us who have to read in order, and while some of the members will have read the newest book,  TRULY SWEET it will be quite fine that I’m late to the Candis Terry party, because I did finally arrive, and look forward to enjoying myself for a long time to come!

Marie Force…Have you discovered her yet?

In the last thirty (30) days or so I’ve devoured eleven (11) Marie Force books.  Many, me included would consider this glomming Ms. Force.  I can’t remember when I was introduced to Marie Force, but I know it was through my local book club.  At the time we were fortunate to have her call in, and while I had one or two of her books in my pile I hadn’t had the time to read them.  She was quite entertaining, and several of my local friends totally enjoyed Ms. Force’s books, so I continued to add them to my ever growing TBR pile, and just letting them reside there, and being unread.

In November 2012 I started a new job and was going to be away from home for a week worth of training.  I decided that after hearing good things about Ms. Force’s Fatal series that I would read book one, FATAL AFFAIR.  I can’t recall how many books I read during that week of training, but for sure it was more than one!  Didn’t take me long at all to get caught up with the Fatal series, and to be joining the legions of fans awaiting each new release in that series.

Did that mean I went on to read other books by Ms. Force…unfortunately no!    In March of 2014 the first book in the Green Mountain series came out, and I eagerly read it.   As each book in the Green Mountain series is released I’m eagerly reading it.  Does this mean that between releases I turned to my Kindle TBR for a Marie Force fix?  NO!   It wasn’t until March of 2015 that I decided to open another of the books that was languishing in my huge Kindle TBR, MAID FOR LOVE the first book in the McCarthy’s of Gansett Island

After falling in love with the McCarthy’s of Gansett Island what choice did I have but to continue reading?  I didn’t read them all in a row (I was afraid of falling out of love…as if that could even happen!)  So from March to July (didn’t read any Gansett Island books in June) I read them all, and was once again eagerly anticipating a release!

While waiting for a new release what’s a girl to do, but turn to the trusty Kindle TBR and pull up the Treading Water series.  I read all four (4) books in about a week!

So what does this mean for you?  If you haven’t discovered Marie Force I think you need to check her out.  She has several different series, and I’m confident will appeal to a variety of readers.  What does it mean for me?  I’m lucky…I discovered that books I spent money for were truly loved, and while I’ve read a lot of Marie Force in the last few months I still have a few waiting for when I want a guaranteed great read!


treading water

A very long time ago I bought TREADING WATER by Marie Force from Amazon, and for some reason that as of this past week I’ve decided was total foolishness I allowed it to wallow in my TBR pile.  Since Marie Force is my latest author obsession I decided it was time to dig way deep into my Kindle Cloud and read something a friend has long told me is one of her favorite Marie Force books.

Expecting a good read, but not necessarily a heartwarming read that would have me instantly searching my Kindle Cloud for book two in the series I sat down with TREADING WATER.

Clare and Jack had a strong marriage, one that many admired until one day a tragedy struck.  Clare was struck by a car, and not expected to recover, but Jack the ever faithful loving husband wouldn’t hear of her being denied anything, and despite huge odds while still in a coma Clare survived for years.

Clare wasn’t done surprising people though, and what happens next will tear at everyone’s heartstrings.  Jack who had finally moved on with life is faced with decisions that no one should have to make, and in the end it’s Clare who makes the decision for both of them.

What decision you’re asking?  What happens next you’re asking?  My answer…you’re going to have to get a copy of TREADING WATER  by Marie Force and read it for yourself.



As I sit at my computer with my phone plugged in and an audio I have downloaded from the library transferring to it, I can’t help but wonder how many library users are amongst us.

For me it’s very rare that I go to the physical library and check out a physical book, however since my library started offering audio books that I could download at home and transfer to a device I’ve been a serious addict!  I’m such an addict that I even canceled my subscription to Audible.

I have a local friend who didn’t believe me that getting eBooks/audios from the library was easy, until she tried it for herself.  Now I’ve turned her into an addict!  I will admit that even though I’d been downloading the audios for years, I had never tried an eBook myself through the library.  I have done only one, but it was easy to get it to my kindle, and then to delete it when I had read it.  What joy in that I could get a book I needed to continue a series without buying it, since I don’t tend to be a re-reader.

This year I joined a library reading challenge and am having fun to see what others are reading and to read those brief reviews.  One of the organizers  is really trying to tighten her budget, and is adding up what she saves each month.  This inspired me to do the same and while I’ve not been as dedicated as I should I am trying to move money from my checking account to savings, and am proud to say that while not a huge amount I’m getting closer and closer to $1000 each month.

So, my question is do you use the library?  If not why not?  I’m challenging you to check your local library and start seeing what you might be able to get for free, and then if you are a re-reader and love it go buy a copy!


blood vines

I borrowed BLOOD VINES on audio from my local library

Erica Spindler writes suspense, not necessarily bone chilling, gory suspense, but suspense that will none the less keep your eyes glued to the page and on the edge of your seat.  The good news is that Erica Spindler is still writing and therefore readers who have been following her career since the beginning can be stalking the bookstore of their choice for her latest work, readers who just discovered her latest release have a great backlist to choose from.  The best news for me is that I have several of Erica Spindler‘s titles still in my TBR (to be read) pile.

The even better news is that if they’re all like BLOOD VINESwhich was published in 2010 they stand the test of time.  Alexandra Clarkson tries to be a good daughter, but it’s not always easy when you’re mother is constantly battling mental illness.  When her mother finally succeeds in committing suicide Alexandra is unsettled, and wants answers to questions she’s had for years.

Her journey takes her to the Wine Country of California.  What she knows is that her mother was once married to one of the premier wine makers, but that’s about all she knows.  As she attempts to delve into her past, danger lurks at every turn.  Who can she trust?  Will she get the answers she is so desperate for?

BLOOD VINES by Erica Spindler is a page turner and one that I thought kept my mind racing with the possibilties of who was trying to prevent Alexandra from getting the answers she’s waited so long to learn.



I borrowed THE RUMOR from my local library in audio.

I love to listen to audio books as I have a rather long commute to work.  I also listen while wandering the grocery store buying the weekly supplies (I do put it on pause while I check out).   I love love love Elin Hilderbrand.  I think that she’s an author who doesn’t necessarily get the publicity that she should, so I am telling everyone that if you like Women’s Fiction then read Elin Hilderbrand.

All of Elin Hilderbrand‘s books are set in Nantucket.  From reading her books I’ve learned that Nantucket is a bigger community than I ever thought it was, and one that has an active year round population.  Whenever I read one of these stories I not only want to have the opportunity to someday visit Nantucket but maybe even be fortunate enough to live there.

In my opinion it takes a talented writer to make a reader believe that the stories and characters she has made up could be real and that if one were to travel to someplace such as Nantucket you might actually meet someone like Grace Pancik or Madeline King.

While THE RUMOR wasn’t one of my favorite stories by the talented Elin Hilderbrand it has to be given it’s due, as she more than likely wrote it while undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer.  Since I have neither written a novel nor undergone anything as stressful as I imagine treatment for Breast Cancer to be I’m going to say that THE RUMOR while hard to get into was in the end a very pleasant way to spend my commuting time.


oneI purchased ONE NIGHT WITH YOU from Amazon when it first came out, but just read it today.  Unfortunately it took me so long to read it because as like many I have a huge TBR, and it got lost in the pile on my Kindle.  Fortunately for some reason known only to the Reading Gods it was always in the library on my phone and not in the cloud.  Therefore when insomnia hit me and I used to my phone to finish my previous read I saw this one, and decided today was the day to find out about the night Nick and Sam met.

I first discovered Nick and Sam in the original book in the Fatal  series.  Since that fateful day back in 2012 I’ve been a dedicated fan, and eagerly await each new release in the series.  ONE NIGHT WITH YOU is the story of how Nick and Sam first met.  ONE NIGHT WITH YOU is extremely short, and is something that one could easily read on a lunch hour.

Nick and Sam are both reluctant about attending a party because of long work days, but when fate intervenes and they meet the long day and the weariness they’re both feeling from it is the last thing on their mind.  At this point neither is the type that really believes in “sex at first sight” but is that what is about to happen or will it be potentially so much more?

ONE NIGHT WITH YOU and the rest of the Fatal series by author Marie Force is in my opinion something readers shouldn’t miss.