oneI purchased ONE NIGHT WITH YOU from Amazon when it first came out, but just read it today.  Unfortunately it took me so long to read it because as like many I have a huge TBR, and it got lost in the pile on my Kindle.  Fortunately for some reason known only to the Reading Gods it was always in the library on my phone and not in the cloud.  Therefore when insomnia hit me and I used to my phone to finish my previous read I saw this one, and decided today was the day to find out about the night Nick and Sam met.

I first discovered Nick and Sam in the original book in the Fatal  series.  Since that fateful day back in 2012 I’ve been a dedicated fan, and eagerly await each new release in the series.  ONE NIGHT WITH YOU is the story of how Nick and Sam first met.  ONE NIGHT WITH YOU is extremely short, and is something that one could easily read on a lunch hour.

Nick and Sam are both reluctant about attending a party because of long work days, but when fate intervenes and they meet the long day and the weariness they’re both feeling from it is the last thing on their mind.  At this point neither is the type that really believes in “sex at first sight” but is that what is about to happen or will it be potentially so much more?

ONE NIGHT WITH YOU and the rest of the Fatal series by author Marie Force is in my opinion something readers shouldn’t miss.

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