I borrowed THE RUMOR from my local library in audio.

I love to listen to audio books as I have a rather long commute to work.  I also listen while wandering the grocery store buying the weekly supplies (I do put it on pause while I check out).   I love love love Elin Hilderbrand.  I think that she’s an author who doesn’t necessarily get the publicity that she should, so I am telling everyone that if you like Women’s Fiction then read Elin Hilderbrand.

All of Elin Hilderbrand‘s books are set in Nantucket.  From reading her books I’ve learned that Nantucket is a bigger community than I ever thought it was, and one that has an active year round population.  Whenever I read one of these stories I not only want to have the opportunity to someday visit Nantucket but maybe even be fortunate enough to live there.

In my opinion it takes a talented writer to make a reader believe that the stories and characters she has made up could be real and that if one were to travel to someplace such as Nantucket you might actually meet someone like Grace Pancik or Madeline King.

While THE RUMOR wasn’t one of my favorite stories by the talented Elin Hilderbrand it has to be given it’s due, as she more than likely wrote it while undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer.  Since I have neither written a novel nor undergone anything as stressful as I imagine treatment for Breast Cancer to be I’m going to say that THE RUMOR while hard to get into was in the end a very pleasant way to spend my commuting time.

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