blood vines

I borrowed BLOOD VINES on audio from my local library

Erica Spindler writes suspense, not necessarily bone chilling, gory suspense, but suspense that will none the less keep your eyes glued to the page and on the edge of your seat.  The good news is that Erica Spindler is still writing and therefore readers who have been following her career since the beginning can be stalking the bookstore of their choice for her latest work, readers who just discovered her latest release have a great backlist to choose from.  The best news for me is that I have several of Erica Spindler‘s titles still in my TBR (to be read) pile.

The even better news is that if they’re all like BLOOD VINESwhich was published in 2010 they stand the test of time.  Alexandra Clarkson tries to be a good daughter, but it’s not always easy when you’re mother is constantly battling mental illness.  When her mother finally succeeds in committing suicide Alexandra is unsettled, and wants answers to questions she’s had for years.

Her journey takes her to the Wine Country of California.  What she knows is that her mother was once married to one of the premier wine makers, but that’s about all she knows.  As she attempts to delve into her past, danger lurks at every turn.  Who can she trust?  Will she get the answers she is so desperate for?

BLOOD VINES by Erica Spindler is a page turner and one that I thought kept my mind racing with the possibilties of who was trying to prevent Alexandra from getting the answers she’s waited so long to learn.

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