As I sit at my computer with my phone plugged in and an audio I have downloaded from the library transferring to it, I can’t help but wonder how many library users are amongst us.

For me it’s very rare that I go to the physical library and check out a physical book, however since my library started offering audio books that I could download at home and transfer to a device I’ve been a serious addict!  I’m such an addict that I even canceled my subscription to Audible.

I have a local friend who didn’t believe me that getting eBooks/audios from the library was easy, until she tried it for herself.  Now I’ve turned her into an addict!  I will admit that even though I’d been downloading the audios for years, I had never tried an eBook myself through the library.  I have done only one, but it was easy to get it to my kindle, and then to delete it when I had read it.  What joy in that I could get a book I needed to continue a series without buying it, since I don’t tend to be a re-reader.

This year I joined a library reading challenge and am having fun to see what others are reading and to read those brief reviews.  One of the organizers  is really trying to tighten her budget, and is adding up what she saves each month.  This inspired me to do the same and while I’ve not been as dedicated as I should I am trying to move money from my checking account to savings, and am proud to say that while not a huge amount I’m getting closer and closer to $1000 each month.

So, my question is do you use the library?  If not why not?  I’m challenging you to check your local library and start seeing what you might be able to get for free, and then if you are a re-reader and love it go buy a copy!


  1. I don’t get many physical books from the library, but as far as ebooks, I’m always on the hunt and always have a couple on my ipad.


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