Looking for a Sweet read…look no further than Candis Terry

Recently I started reading Candis Terry.  Why, you may ask did I decide to read Candis Terry?  The answer is really quite simple!  At the beginning of 2015 I made a resolution that I would I would attempt to read all the authors who were calling or Skyping with my local book club.  I’ve not been very successful, but I have read several.  Since Ms. Terry is going to be the author in September that we’ll be chatting with I decided it was time to change her status from languishing unread in my TBR to read!

I started with ANYTHING BUT SWEET as I thought this was the first book in the series.  There was a little bit of backstory that had me wondering if I missed something, but the bit of research I did still had me believing that ANYTHING BUT SWEET was the first book.  I thought ok…Ms. Terry just didn’t give us this full back story, but we’d get it eventually.  I’ve learned since then that perhaps the backstory I was wanting is in CRAZY SWEET FINE, but since I’ve not read this yet I don’t know.

Since book club hasn’t happened yet, and I’ve glommed all the Marie Force I feel I should for the moment (don’t want to get burnt out on a new favorite author) I decided to read SWEETEST MISTAKE by Ms. Terry.  What did I learn by reading that?  I learned that because I still have some time before the September book club meets that I need to get SOMETHING SWEETER read. 

Yes, these books are slightly older and not necessarily the one that will be discussed at book club, but my book club is very understanding about those of us who have to read in order, and while some of the members will have read the newest book,  TRULY SWEET it will be quite fine that I’m late to the Candis Terry party, because I did finally arrive, and look forward to enjoying myself for a long time to come!

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