HARD AS STEEL by Laura Kaye

Brace yourselves for the smashing introduction of the Raven Riders Motorcycle Club. HARD AS STEEL by Laura Kaye is a crossover novella between the author’s tremendously successful Hard Ink series and the Raven Riders upcoming spin-off series, and it rocks! Laura Kaye delivers in spades! HARD AS STEEL is so tightly packed with action, passionate romance and sizzling, super hot sex, that it feels like a full-length novel. Ike and Jess are an explosive combination; I think they are one of Laura Kaye‘s best couples. Jess is one of my favourite female characters ever: she is really tough, edgy, in-your-face and fabulous! And Ike is one of those Alphas to which Ms. Kaye holds the secret. HARD AS STEEL is absolutely fantastic and I could not recommend it highly enough! A definite must buy right now!  This copy was provided by the author to me as a member of her street team for a honest review.

Hard as Steel (Hard Ink, #4.5)


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