ALL WRAPPED UP by Kimberly Kincaid is book 6 in the Pine Mountain Series.  I received the book from NetGalley  in exchange for a review. 

Since the first book in the series, Turn Up The Heat I have been a huge fan of Kimberly Kincaid and the Pine Mountain series.  This latest installment features Nick Brennan and Ava Mancuso.  Many years ago they had met and had an instant attraction that unfortunately burned hot and furious, and ended when without any explanation Ava left their summer job never to be seen or heard from again…that is until seven years later their paths crossed and each has secrets they want to protect.
Each went on to pursue their dreams, but fate often can and does have a different idea for how our futures will turn out, and what happened for both Brennan (as he now prefers to be called) and Ava is far from the ideal life they dreamed of as starry-eyed youth.   Now fate has tossed their lives another curve, and Ava who was on her way to cover another non-important story for the paper she works with see the story of a lifetime before her, as a local store…Joe’s Grocery no less is demolished in a fire.  A young boy is stranded in the store, and who is the hero who risks all to rescue him?  None other than Brennan. 

Ava senses a story and will stop at almost nothing to get it.  Brennan who has a past wants his past to stay there, but Ava who is nothing if not persistent dogs him, and when Brennan decides to give some of his story Ava has to give some of her past to him in exchange.  The time they spend together ends up healing both of them, but not without them each having to pay a price.

In the end ALL WRAPPED UP is an exceptional story in the Pine Mountain Series .  With All WRAPPED UP Ms. Kincaid introduces us to some exciting firemen who are al members of Engine Company 8.  These brave men will be the basis for the next series that Ms. Kincaid is going to grace her readers with.  While I will miss Pine Mountain I will console myself with the fact that somehow I missed a book in the series and still have one that I can pull up on my Kindle and escape city life for the rural mountain side town for a bit.

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