This weekend I was going to participate for the first time in the DeweyReadathon.  (If that’s not quite the right title I do apologize!)  I was looking forward to a lazy day at home with the dogs and no distractions to finally sit and read and hopefully finish not only the book I’ve had no time to read, but maybe another one as well.  I knew there was no way I could last the whole 24 hours, but I didn’t even make it one hour!

Why you might be wondering did I not even read for a hour?  I didn’t realize my husband was planning on being home and working on the major dejunking project that I’ve been asking for what seems a lifetime to get done.  I can’t sit around and read while he’s in the mood to dejunk.  

We live in a small house with extremely limited storage, so we’ve been paying for outside storage for years.  What went from one unit has grown to three, and that doesn’t count the junk in the garage..so bad to where I can’t even get my car in there, and sometimes I feel like it’s dangerous to walk through!

Anyway…we’re now pretty much on a first name basis with the donation center, and I got to make a big run to Half Price Books where I used part of what I got to get birthday presents for some of my friends.  The rest I’m going to be using to buy an Amazon G.C. where I can then get electronic books and continue to be a book hoarder but not in the pyschical sense.

So good job to those who actually participated and hopefully when the spring comes I’ll be ready, willing, and able to participate!

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