daughterI purchased THE SECRET DAUGHTER  by Kelly Rimmer for my Kindle through Amazon. Although the story is fiction, the subject matter is, unfortunately, all too real.

THE SECRET DAUGHTER tells the story of Sabina, a pregnant 38 year old Australian who has her world shattered when she finds out that not only is she adopted, but she is a victim of the “forced adoptions” that were common in the not too distant past. As she searches for her birth mother, she has to come to terms with the atrocities that were committed against young, unmarried girls by her own government. 

As a woman who gave birth at a young age, I found THE SECRET DAUGHTER to be heartbreaking. It is well written and definitely keeps you interested. Reading how Sabina wondered who she would have been had she not been adopted made me feel like I was right there with her as her emotions jumped all over the place. I didn’t know anything about forced adoptions, so I have been researching this topic since finishing the book.

It is outrageous to think how many people were affected by this.  I do think that it wrapped up too neatly to be completely realistic. But I would recommend THE SECRET DAUGHTER. It’s very thought provoking and I find myself going back to it several times a day.

Reviewed by Susie Richardson Adair

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