IT’S ONLY LOVE by Marie Force is the latest in her Green Mountain series. I received a gifted copy for review. IT’S ONLY LOVE is the story of Ella Abbott and Gavin Guthrie. Ella has been in love with Gavin for a very long time, but Gavin has been suffering through the loss of his brother Caleb who was killed in the Iraqi War and was once married to Ella’s sister Hannah.

While Hannah has finally managed to move through the grieving process and start life anew, Gavin is stuck unable to get through. Ella believes she can help him, but until he’s ready to receive her help her love is unrequited. Yes, Ella has dated, but no one can compare to the idea of Gavin in her mind, and when he finally requires her help she is more than ready to rush to his rescue.

Her family is naturally concerned that she is ready to lay her heart on the line, and that Gavin might not be worthy of it. Ella hears the warnings, but is confident that all will work out in the end.

Is Gavin worthy? Will he finally be able to move his grieving forward and be ready to embrace his chance at happiness? I can’t tell you that. You’ll have to read IT’S ONLY LOVE for yourself to find out.

I will however tell you that this book is truly the story of Ella and Gavin. The other residents of Butler that we’ve come to know and love do make appearances, but I would consider them more like cameos than even secondary tales. Many of Ms. Force’s Green Mountain readers love Fred the Moose, and he does appear, but his scenes feel almost like an afterthought, as though she totally forgot readers would want to know that he was alive and well, and still as enamored of Cameron as always.

Overall IT’S ONLY LOVE is required reading for any fan of Marie Force, and if the reader in your life has yet to discover Ms. Force, I suggest you remedy that fairly quickly!



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