Secret Sisters


secret sisters

Jayne Ann Krentz is one of my favorite authors.  I discovered her more years ago than I want to admit, and she would more than likely want me to admit.  Unfortunately, I don’t recall the title of the first book I read, but I do vividly remember locking myself in my room, and not coming out until I had finished the book!

Now all these years later I wish I could have repeated the process, but unfortunately life has changed, and responsibilities come first, but SECRET SISTERS was always yelling to me to forget those responsibilities and read read read!

Once upon a time Madeline Chase and Daphne were innocent young girls having a sleep over, when a terrible thing occurred and changed their lives forever.  Two girls who thought they were as close as sisters and would never be separated not only are torn apart, but don’t see one another for eighteen years.

Madeline is now heir to a hotel chain, and she is called to Cooper Island by Tom, a longtime caretaker of a long abandoned hotel that is part of the chain.  Why is the hotel abandoned one might wonder?  The answer…this is where the awful tragedy that split Madeline and Daphne took place.  Why wouldn’t Madeline’s Grandmother want to sell the hotel if it held awful memories?  Perhaps memories aren’t the only thing the hotel is holding…maybe it has more stories hidden in its walls than Edith Chase, Madeline’s Grandmother, or Tom Lomax, the caregiver want to release.

There is one family on the island who is not happy that Madeline is back on the island and will stop at nothing to get rid of Madeline be it just by getting her off the island, or perhaps something more permanent.  Jack is determined to keep Madeline safe while getting to the bottom of what happened on the island eighteen years ago.

The Websters believe that the world should fall at their feet, and when Madeline doesn’t quite agree the result are truly fascinating.  Just when you think that one member of the family is sinister and how could anyone be so sinister you find out that another member of the family is perhaps just the tiniest bit more sinister.  The Webster family is one with huge dreams, and much to lose, and their story while very well written, and quite real is scary to think about.

Never once during SECRET SISTERS does the action slow or the story line become unbelievable.  SECRET SISTERS is Jayne Ann Krentz at her finest, and truly reminds me of the reasons why I love her as an author.  With SECRET SISTERS releasing in time for the holiday I suggest saving a bit so that you can get the reader in your life a present they will truly enjoy!

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