Bailey Moore and Hudson Kincaid are both survivors.  They’ve lived very different lives, but those early influences are still affecting the way they live today.

Bailey and Hudson meet when Bailey comes to Cedar Ridge to paint a mural about the Kincaid family.  Hudson is against having the mural painted as he feels that part of the family is missing and the part that is in Cedar Ridge is loving, but a bit on the dysfunctional side.

Bailey can’t be persuaded to give up on the idea of the mural as she has always lived a cautious life.  She was diagnosed at an early age with a fatal disease and the treatment and cure of the disease are all Bailey has focused on.  Now that she’s had several month disease free she has a bucket list of things to accomplish and stretching her wings both by living a real life and stretching her creative skills are high on her list.

The chemistry between Bailey and Hudson is instant and shows right away.   We as readers get to enjoy the trials and tribulations of watching two people fall in love while those around them both support them and interfere in the loving way that friends and families do.

MY KIND OF WONDERFUL is the second book in a series, and while I didn’t read the first book I would recommend that others start at the beginning.  There are several couples in MY KIND OF WONDERFUL and I know that they can’t all have had their stories in the first book, but perhaps there is more of their back story in that first book, which will only add to the enjoyment level of MY KIND OF WONDERFUL.

Jill Shalvis is a prolific author who has written a variety of series, and therefore when you sit down to read MY KIND OF WONDERFUL be careful if you’ve never read Shalvis before because you’ll be looking through your favorite retailer or library for all she has written, and life and chores that go with life may very well be forgotten as you delve into the wonderful various worlds created by Ms. Shalvis.

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