Last year a personal friend of mine hosted a challenge daring readers to use the library more, and since I use the library for audio books I signed up!  I ended up reading 2 books from the library as well as the audios that I listened to.

This year she has declined to host the challenge, but she found someone else to host it, and I’ve again signed up.  I’m super excited about this because while I know I will use the audio part of the library I’m hoping that I will also actually read some more books from the library.  I set my library reading goal at 24, but should easily exceed that with just the audios.

What I didn’t do last year that I hope to do this year is to take the money I would have spent on either the audio or the book and put it from my checking account into my savings account.  I will decide the amount based on the type of book.  For example if I do an audio I will use the Audible price since I mostly do the downloadable audios.  If I do a CD audio then I’ll use that price.  An ebook that is available in paperback will be at the price, but one only available as hardcover will be at that price.  It will be interesting to see if I can actually put the savings in my savings account.

Do you use the library?  What do you like best about it?  What do you like least?   I’m looking forward to hearing your comments!

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