Blu by J. Kahele

28525433Blu is book three in the Violet Chain series.


Omg!! What an awesome story. Once I started reading I was hooked from the very first paragraph. Blu broke my heart in the beginning of the story but then he met Pearl and his life changed dramatically. Pearl has led a horrific life and Blu is just the one to pull her back to the living.

It was great to catch up with the previous characters even though BLU is all about Blu and Pearl. Be prepared not to do anything else once you start reading! You, like me, will not be able to put this awesome read down. Janelle Kahele is going to have you holding your breath with her words as she pulls you in and never lets you go until the very last page.

My emotions were up and down, kind of like being on a roller coaster. Ms Kahele had me laughing out loud, holding my breath, and flipping the pages like a mad woman! There are some heartbreaking events that are tough to read and I just wanted to reach in and give Pearl a big hug. Be prepared to be sitting on the edge of your seat as you read BLU and not being able to think of anything else but these drama filled characters. I can not wait to read more by this awesome author who has quickly become one of my favorites!!!!!


ARC received from author for honest review.

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