An Amish Christmas Gift

An Amish Christmas Gift

Amy Clipston, Ruth Reid, and Kelly Irvin

AN AMISH CHRISTMAS GIFT is three novellas all written by very well known Amish genre authors.

Naomi’s Gift by Amy Clipston introduces you to Naomi who is twenty four years old and still unmarried. She has given up on finding her true love and is content staying home and taking care of her younger siblings. That is until she meets Caleb. Caleb is a widower with a seven year old daughter and he has come home to be with family and friends and he is hoping the trip will help his daughter, Susie and himself from missing his wife Barbara. He doesn’t think he is ready to move on but his meddling sister Sadie has other ideas and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Caleb is at his wits end with her interfering in his life and finally he gives her an earful to butt out of his life.

An Unexpected Joy by Ruth Reid really pulls at your heart. Abigail has a huge heart and is always doing for others. When she takes a new job taking care of Micah’s Mammi she thinks she is just earning money so she can buy herself a horse, Cactus. What she doesn’t plan on doing is finding herself a husband. The characters in this story were very real and believable and I found myself muttering to Abigail to just be quiet for five minutes so Micah could talk to her. Micah’s grandmother was so cute, trying to push Abigail towards Micah but he was down right rude to her most of the time. I’ve never read anything by Ruth Reid but now I’m going to go back and find her other books! I’m so excited to find a new author who writes in this genre.

Rocky is the Englischer in A Christmas Visitor by Kelly Irvin . He has come to Texas from Missouri to visit his friend Frannie. Frannie is Amish and lives with her aunt and uncle as her parents sent her to live with them to get her away from Rocky. They sent her away because they know nothing good can come from a relationship with Rocky. He aunt Abigail keeps trying to interfere in Frannie’s life but Frannie isn’t having any of it. I found myself cheering loudly for Frannie and hoping she would make the right decisions. I didn’t want her to leave her family and faith behind and I didn’t want her to lose Rocky either.

If you are a fan of Amish fiction, second chances, and romances at Christmas you will love the three stories in AN AMISH CHRISTMAS GIFT. It will surely warm your soul and touch your heart no matter what time of year you read this wonderful Christmas themed collection of novellas.

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