What We Find by Robyn Carr

What We Find

Robyn Carr
I was so excited to find out Robyn Carr had a new series about to begin and Sullivan’s Crossing is going to be so much fun to read. Robyn is my favorite author and I devour everything she writes. I’ve never read a Robyn Carr book I didn’t love.  WHAT WE FIND is an awesome start to what I’m sure will become a wonderful series.


WHAT WE FIND takes place in Colorado and the way Robyn Carr describes the scenery had me feeling like I was sitting right there in the woods by the campground and enjoying a warm fire. I could almost taste the s’mores. The plot is multi layered and will have you not being able to put this wonderful story down until the very last page.
Maggie Sullivan’s life has gone to hell in a hand basket. She needs to get away. She is a neurosurgeon and her life has been non stop and hectic for years. She is being sued, her boyfriend has just dumped her, and two of her partners are under investigation. She decides to go and visit her dad, Sully at his campground. While she is there she meets Cal who is also taking a break from his life. They have many things in common but don’t realize it at first. Maggie actually believes Cal is homeless but you know what they say about judging a book by its cover right?
My heart was really breaking for Maggie and all she went through in WHAT WE FIND. The way Robyn Carr writes, it was as if I had known Maggie for years and I found myself wishing and hoping she wouldn’t get hurt anymore. Her ex Andrew was a total jerk towards her and I just wanted to reach in the pages and slap him silly. I truly got lost while reading this beautiful story and found myself in Colorado with Cal and Maggie and all the wonderful secondary characters who I know are going to become my friends as the series continues. Keep the tissues close by because as secrets are revealed, I was an emotional wreck. I’m so excited to read the next story in this series and learn more about my new friends.

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