Amish Promises by Leslie Gould

Amish Promises

Leslie Gould
Eve has been paying for the way she acted years ago and sees no way out. She made a promise to her sister in law on her death bed that she would take care of her children for her. Of course, a short time later she meets Charlie, who is not Amish. The two are quite taken with each other and as much as they try to fight it, there is a huge attraction on both of their parts. Everyone else can see it but Eve knows if she follows her heart, she will have broken those AMISH PROMISES she made to her best friend Abra. Eve’s brother Tim is determined to keep Eve in their community and he fights her every step of the way.
Charlie is visiting next door from Tim’s house where his old army buddy, Joel and his wife Shani live. They just moved to Lancaster County with their son Zane to make a better life for themselves. At least that is what Shani is praying for. Joel was severely injured in Iraq, is suffering from PTSD, and feels totally useless sitting around waiting for his leg to heal. Shani isn’t sure if their marriage can survive and on top of that, she is pregnant with their second son as well. Eve and Shani become close friends until Tim tries to intervene because he is afraid that Eve will want to leave her Amish faith and become Englisch.
I am so excited to be reading this series, Neighbors of Lancaster County by Leslie Gould. I’m going to read the second book, Amish Sweethearts as soon as I finish my review. It is just that good. I was instantly swept up in all the characters lives, felt their happiness as well as their heartache, as if I was sitting right there at the table with them breaking bread. They have all become my friends and I can’t wait to see what happens next for them all. Leslie Gould writes beautifully and rips away the protective layers of your heart as you are reading. She pulls at your heart strings and doesn’t let them go until the very last page. AMISH PROMISES is the perfect beginning to this series and I can’t wait to continue learning more about all of these wonderful and caring people.

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