I Saw Him First by Penny Harmon

I Saw Him First

Penny Harmon
I SAW HIM FIRST by Penny Harmon is independently published and after reading it, way better than some of the professionally published books I have read. I SAW HIM FIRST is the first book in the Rock Isle Romance Series and I’m so excited to read the rest. Five women on the island and they each get their own book. Oh happy day……..I can not wait to read about these five women that I now consider to be my friends.

I SAW HIM FIRST is Mallory’s story. She works at the rental shop with her Dad. He hasn’t been feeling well and she came back from Boston where she was going to college to help him. She loves living on the island and even though she loves her parents and they are very close, she knows she needs to get her own place. While working at the shop she has a clear view of everyone getting off the ferry. One day, she sees a roman god, well in her mind anyway, coming her way and she immediately texts her four friends letting them know she saw him first!

Michael is on the island for the summer to get some peace so he can finish up his next book. Mallory learns he is a best selling author, one she has never read. Once home, Mallory does a search on him on Google and learns he usually has super models on his arm. Mallory knows he would never look twice at her plus he will be gone by the end of the summer. Michael winds up living next door to her cabin and Mallory finds herself sitting by her window upstairs spying on him!

Mallory soon learns that her attraction to Michael isn’t unanswered and here is where I SAW HIM FIRST will tug at your heart and soon, shatter you. You will be like me, not able to stop reading until you find out what happens. Penny Harmon does a great job of pulling you right in and never letting you go. Her characters are not perfect and you will find them very relatable. As soon as I finished reading, I wanted to pack my bags for a trip to Rock Isle. Penny describes the setting perfectly, so much so that I could almost taste the salt coming off the ocean. Penny Harmon has a new fan and she is now on my author radar of books I HAVE to read!

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