Fallen for The King by Penny Harmon

Fallen For The King

Penny Harmon


Holy cow! This series just keeps getting better and better. FALLEN FOR THE KING is the second book in the Rocky Isle Romance series by Penny Harmon. All I can say is Penny Harmon better be very busy writing the rest of this series! She has hooked me from the very first page of the first book, I Saw Him First, and with each and every page my hunger for more of Rocky Isle just grows and grows.

Five life long friends and each one of them get their own book in the series. FALLEN FOR THE KING is Jessica’s story. She lost her mom to cancer when she was fourteen. Her dad was pretty much lost to her then too. As the years go by, Jessica turns into a wild child and does things she is very ashamed of today. She has never told her four friends about it until one day her past is all back up in her face. She is almost run over by King O’Malley, a face from her past and not one she is proud of how she acted with him. Twelve years have past since Jessica last saw King and he shows up in Rocky Isle with his fifteen year old son Max. Sparks fly between the two of them and the attraction is still obviously there! Oh, could it get any better and juicer than where this is going?

Penny Harmon is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. FALLEN FOR THE KING allowed me to get caught up with my girlfriends in Rocky Isle as well as the busy bodies who have their noses in everyone else’s business. The chemistry between Jessica and King is so hot you are going to read their story in one sitting because you wont be able to stop. You will be emotionally invested in their lives and will find yourself flipping the pages like a mad woman, holding your breath, waiting to see where these two wind up. I’m so excited to have found such a wonderful new to me author in Penny Harmon. I can’t wait to continue with this fun and heart warming series.

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