More Than Friendship by Amy Lillard

More Than Friendship

Amy Lillard
MORE THAN FRIENDSHIP is the first book in the Wells Landing Quilting Circle series. Wells Landing Oklahoma is a quiet and peaceful small town and it is where we find Clara Rose preparing to marry Thomas Lapp. The only problem is that her very best friend, Obie keeps telling her she can’t marry Thomas. He can’t give her a reason why, but insists it will be the biggest mistake of her life. She goes to her Grandmother for advice but she is speaking in riddles as well. Five weeks until her wedding and Clara Rose believe God sent Thomas to be her husband. Not everyone else believes that though.


Clara thought she knew what happiness was and what a good marriage was supposed to be like. Boy does she have a lot to learn. She always assumed she and Thomas were meant to be married and that it was Gods plan for them. Now, she finds herself distracted from those thoughts and questioning herself. You wont be able to help yourself by feeling for Thomas and Clara as Clara tries to figure out what God has in mind for her. Obie has been her friend since they were children and she loves him deeply but not in a husband way, only as a best friend. Or so she thinks. MORE THAN FRIENDSHIP is a quick read filled with faith, love, lots of laughs, and friendship. Can Clara remain best friends with Obie after she marries Thomas?


Once I finished MORE THAN FRIENDSHIP I wanted more. I can’t wait to continue with this wonderful and heart warming series by Amy Lillard. Amy’s books always make me happy and leave me with a peaceful feeling. Once I started reading MORE THAN FRIENDSHIP I had a hard time putting it down as I had to know what was going to happen with Thomas and Clara and if Clara would ever see what was right in front of her. Would she and Obie be able to remain friends? Would she be happy marrying Thomas? I’m looking forward to meeting more of the women in the quilting circle as well as more members of Wells Landing.

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