Did I Mention I Need You by Estelle Maskame

Did I Mention I Need You?

Estelle Maskame



Holy cow! I can’t breathe……I just finished reading DID I MENTION I NEED YOU which is the second book in the Did I Mention I Love You series by Estelle Maskame and I’m just floored. This series has shredded my heart twice now and I’m telling you, this second book hurt way more than the first one did.

DID I MENTION I NEED YOU had my heart beating much faster than normal from the very first page. Once again Tyler had me wanting to kick his butt and at the same time, I can feel his pain and I want to hug him so badly. Eden is still two timing her boyfriend Dean with her step brother Tyler. Tyler and Eden weren’t raised together and they keep their relationship a secret because they are afraid of how their parents and friends will react when they find out the truth. Eden is on her way to New York City to spend six weeks with Tyler, who she hasn’t seen in a year. Oh did I mention that Tyler and Eden’s boyfriend Dean, are best friends? Oh yeah, DID I MENTION I NEED YOU is going to mutilate your heart and never let it go!

How does an author from Scotland like Estelle Maskame get all the details of New York City spot on? I’m from New Jersey and a Yankees fan and she totally nailed all the emotions of a Yankees fan dealing with a Red Sox fan as well. Estelle blew my mind with this. DID I MENTION I NEED YOU had me right back in the Bronx cheering for my boys in pinstripes along with Tyler and Eden and glaring at Snake, the Red Sox fan! Estelle really knows exactly how to make the reader feel every single emotion and feelings that Eden and Tyler are going through. The tension she had my heart feeling was unstoppable and I was just waiting for Eden and Tyler’s secret to come out and explode in their faces.

Once I finished DID I MENTION I NEED YOU I just sat there, trying to catch my breath and cursing Estelle. How could you do this to me once again? You owe me a box of Kleenex for the ending alone! I’m excited for the third book, DID I MENTION I MISS YOU but I’m also scared. I do not want this series to end, but I’m nervous about the last book. Why? I know Estelle is going to pull at my heart, squeeze it like there’s no tomorrow and never let it go! Don’t you love when an author has that power over you? Please Estelle, release the third book before December……my heart can’t wait that long!

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