Everywhere I’d Go

Everywhere I’d Go

Julie Ann Knudsen

EVERYWHERE I’D GO by Julie Ann Knudsen has left me sobbing like a baby. I just finished reading and I can’t wrap my head around this heart breaking story. This is the third book in the series, Willow’s Journey and with each one, Julie Ann Knudsen shredded my heart.

I fell in love with Willow and Michael from the very first story and have been cheering them on ever since. They love each other very much and all they want is to be together. Michael, who has cystic fibrosis and has recently had a lung transplant can’t stand being away from Willow. He wants them to get married so they can always be together, but Willow wants to finish high school and go to college. Don’t get me wrong, she wants to marry Michael just not at 17. Michael doesn’t pressure Willow but he is constantly dropping hints.

EVERYWHERE I’D GO is such a moving story. If there were ever two people that deserved to be happy it has to be Michael and Willow. The tension that Ms. Knudsen had my heart feeling was unstoppable and I was just waiting for the happiness that Willow and Michael had found to blow up in their faces and for the stupid other shoe to fall. Once I started reading EVERYWHERE I’D GO, I had a hard time putting it down as I had to know what was going to happen with Willow and Michael and let me tell you, Julie Ann Knudsen knows how to grab your heart from the very first page, and never let you go. Be prepared not to do anything else once you start reading this heartbreaking and hopeful tale. I found myself thinking about all of these wonderful characters long after I finished reading.

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