A Fairytale Bride by Hope Ramsay

A Fairytale Bride

Hope Ramsay
I devour everything Hope Ramsay writes and A FAIRYTALE BRIDE is exactly why. It is the first book, or I should say novella in Hope’s new series, Chapel of Love series. It is short and sweet and left me wanting more after I finished reading it and that’s why I love this author. All of her books do this to me. So that is my only complaint about A FAIRYTALE BRIDE. When it was over, I wanted to keep reading and stay in the characters business.
Melissa owns the used bookstore, Secondhand Prose. Her grandmother left it to her before she died. She is struggling to keep it open. The taxes are due and she has no way to pay them. In walks Jeff Talbert-Lyndon. He is instantly taken with Melissa and offers to help her around the store. He doesn’t tell her his last name as it is well known in Shenadoah Falls, Virginia. It is a name that Melissa would not be happy to hear as she thinks the family is trying to get her out of the building and buy it. Melissa is quite taken with Jeff too but knows how to protect her heart. You can only imagine what happens when she learns the truth about Jeff and his family.
I love this story of Jeff and Melissa and I was totally wrapped up in their lives and the shenanigans of the crazy town folk. Hope Ramsay never disappoints with her stories and keeps me turning the pages. I couldn’t stop reading until I knew exactly what was going to happen. I truly love A FAIRYTALE BRIDE. The situations Melissa and Jeff found themselves in are hysterical. Hope Ramsay and her magnificent writing made me feel like I was right there with Melissa, all the while trying not to let her see the smirk on my face about what was happening. For me, A FAIRYTALE BRIDE is a fun story but also at times, emotional and for one afternoon, it allowed me to escape to a wonderful small town and get involved in the characters lives and business. Be prepared to laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time.
ARC received from Netgalley for an honest review.

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