Riverbend Road by RaeAnne Thayne

Riverbend Road

RaeAnne Thayne

ARC received from NetGalley for an honest review

What a wonderful addition to the Haven Point series. RIVERBEND ROAD is exactly why I love RaeAnne Thayne’s books and devour them rather quickly. The secondary characters are from the previous books and it was great catching up with everyone!

Wyn Bailey is a police officer in Haven Point and her boss is Chief Cade Emmett, who has been the chief since Wyn’s dad was shot. Cade also happens to be Wyn’s brothers best friend. She has had a crush on him since she was a kid but never let him know. Now they are older and she is having a hard time hiding her feelings from Cade. Not to mention the fact that he is her boss and there could be career ending problems if anyone finds out. Oh did I forget to tell you that Cade’s boss is the mayor of Haven Point, Wyn’s best friend Mackenzie? Oh yeah you can’t make this stuff up!

As with all of RaeAnne Thayne’s stories, you will be instantly drawn to these real life characters and feel the emotions they feel. I could not put this book down. I had to see what was going to happen. The plot is just perfect and the little twists that RaeAnne throws in captures your heart and your head. Amazingly written and totally believable, this is my favorite book in the series, but I always say that with each and every new story!

RIVERBEND ROAD was a quick read for me. I was instantly captivated in their lives and was flipping the pages like crazy to see how RaeAnne Thayne was going to wrap up all the storylines. I never skipped a single word, I was that engrossed in all their lives. The secondary characters in this story will have you cheering. Wyn and Cade have some major hurdles to get over and problems to overcome, but if anyone deserves to be happy, it is these two.


Even though this is book four of the series, it can easily be read as a stand alone. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath near the last page until I let it out to let the tears flow. RIVERBEND ROAD is filled with heart-tugging moments and will have you laughing and crying all at once.

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