The Trouble With Family By Heather Hobbs

The Trouble With Family

Heather Hobbs

ARC received from the author and For Love of a Book for an honest review.

Molly Anderson can not believe it! Her mom just died in a car accident a year ago and her dad is getting remarried. She has only met Susan once and isn’t thrilled with getting three step siblings as well. Can her life get any more messed up? THE TROUBLE WITH FAMILY is written by a 14 year olds point of view. Molly tries to make the best of her situation and as you will learn, that isn’t always easy to do.

Molly is now forced to share her room with Clara, who steels her debit card and wipes out her account. Her excuse is “well it’s not like you had a lot of money in there anyway!” What? I would have knocked her into the wall if that was me, but Molly tries to handle it on her own and not tell on Clara. THE TROUBLE WITH FAMILY is all about making the best of the hand you are dealt and Molly really does try. Even though I am not a child of a divorced family I could totally believe the situations this family found themselves in.

THE TROUBLE WITH FAMILY has some laugh out loud moments and my heart really went out to Molly. She is only fourteen years old and shouldn’t have to deal with some of the situations she was in. I just wanted her to be a normal teenager and enjoy life and have fun but that didn’t seem to happen. She misses her mom so much and Heather Hobbs really shows that throughout the story. I’m hoping and praying this will be the beginning of a new series because I just wasn’t ready to let go of this family.

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