Chances Are by Mysti Parker and MJ Post

Chances Are

Mysti Parker
MJ Post

I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.

CHANCES ARE is only a novella, but it sure does tell an awesome and complete story. Natalie and JD have been through so much. Natalie is nine months pregnant and at her lost doctor visit, he puts on the baby monitor and feels heart broken. He doesn’t hear anything. Natalie is at the visit alone as JD, a principal at the local high school, was too busy to go to the appointment with her. Natalie is completely devastated, tries to get JD on the phone and is rushed to the hospital. He meets her there.

Poor Natalie! My heart broke for her over and over again. CHANCES ARE is one heck of an emotional roller coaster ride and once you start you won’t be able to put it down. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to carry a child for nine months, fall in love with him, plan your whole life around his birth, and then he is stillborn. Natalie and JD are of course, grieving, but each of them grieves differently. Natalie can barely get out of bed and JD immerses himself at his job. Natalie can’t take grieving alone and asks JD for a divorce. He is blindsided of course, but Natalie has felt him slipping away for some time.

CHANCES ARE is such a believable story that I found myself thinking about JD and Natalie long after I finished reading. I was instantly caught up in all the emotions that were flowing and felt like Natalie was a friend of mine and I wanted to comfort her. What a beautiful heart felt romance filled with secondary characters that added so much to the story. School bullying is very real and should be written about more. JD reaches out to help one of his students and the authors do a great job relating the feelings involved in this. CHANCES ARE moves quickly along without making the reader feel rushed. I look forward to reading more by these authors.

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