Review: If He’s Tempted by Hannah Howell


• Narrated by: Ashford MacNab

•Length: 9 hrs and 59 mins

◦Series: Wherlocke, Book 5

•Release Date:02-18-14

•Publisher: Audible Studios

Series  Wherlocke #5

The Wherlocke Series by Hannah Howell has been a big favorite of mine since I first discovered it and this particular book #5 featuring Olympia Wherlocke and  Lord Brant Mallam was absolutely thrilling.   And may I say that Lord Brant’s mother has got to be one of the vilest, witchy, and cruel villainess’ I have encountered since Cathy Ames in East of Eden. 

Lady Olympia Wherlocke was brought into play by the desperate request of Lady Agatha Mallam, young sister to Lord Brant, whom Agatha had been trying to contact for weeks.  Lord Brant had burnt many bridges and was persona-non-grata with the elite of the ton, after he discovered the perfidy of his mother who kidnapped his betrothed and sold her to a brothel where she then died.  So disgusted and bereaved, he had drunk himself into oblivion and became one of the worst rogues around.  Because Olympia had the gift of foresight she sensed she must step in to help save Lady Agatha from the plans her vile mother had to sell her to a diseased and obnoxious lord.

After tracking Brant down, and some humorous events and introductions to notable and secondary characters (like a step brother whom Brant never realized he was related to) Lady Olympia brought Brant out of his stupor and advised him what was going on in his home and the vile future his mother was planning to consign to his young sister.

What follows is a marvelously constructed storyline where Olympia helps Lord Brant regain his inheritance and the backbone to finally stand up to and defeat his mother’s nefarious plans for his sister as well as dismantling her sex slave ring.  The romance in this was subtle and sensual, adding just the right amount of sensitive emotion to a sinister plot  so vile in comparison to decent morality.

Bottom line:   IF HE’S TEMPTED is just another prime example of a totally enjoyable and excellent piece of writing using a bit of fantasy that has completely captured my imagination.

Marilyn Rondeau

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