Review: Once a Soldier by Mary Jo Putney


Publication: June 28th 2016 by Zebra

ISBN 1420140922 (ISBN13: 9781420140927)     Series:  Rogues Redeemed #1

Characters:  Will Masterson

In a new series by the ever-great Mary Jo Putney,  I’m happy to have once again been able to start right at the first book in her new Rogues Redeemed series.    However, I can’t say that her hero Will Masterson was truly a ‘rogue’ .   He struck me much more as a hero than any kind of rogue.

Will was heir to a title and wealth but after the death of his wife and infant child, he was so devastated that the last five years he didn’t care what happened to him and decided to fight against Napoleon.  After many years of battles fighting the French he plans that this would be his last battle, until he was asked to complete one more assignment before going home.  He was asked to escort some soldiers back to their home in the mountains and check on the status of the small stronghold of San Gabriel.

Arriving, he was met at the castle doors by a beautiful, strong unconventional woman holding a rifle with every intention of using it should he be one of the many thieves and brigands that had come to San Gabriel to pillage what was left of their meager stores.  Athena Markham had been helping her friend the Princess of San Gabriel for the last five years in aiding her to ready herself in the event she had to take charge of the throne should her father and brother not made it back alive.  Athena had vowed to protect her with her very life if need be.

Right from the start, Will was instantly enamored of the tall Amazon-like Athena – for her independence, capability and especially her beauty.   He knew he would have a difficult time to gain her trust, but knew in his heart that she was everything he could ever want in a bride.   But after she learned he was a ‘titled’ lord – Athena wanted nothing to do with him.

Soon Will was helping San Gabriel citizens to put their lives back together by helping to direct their toils on the most vital projects they needed to accomplish in order to bring their country back from the desolate state it was in.   As he slowly brought the citizens together in working towards a common goal, Athena began to see him in a different light, in spite of his title, especially since she had been attracted to him from the first moment she laid eyes on him.

With a great pace, wonderful dialogs and an exceptional plot line, the story ended up being both a quick and most enjoyable read.   Ideally, this should be an interesting series from the great Mary Jo Putney.

Marilyn Rondeau


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