Review: Spider Game by Christine Feehan


• Narrated by: Tom Stechschulte

•Length: 16 hrs and 30 mins

◦Series: Ghostwalkers, Book 12

• Unabridged Audiobook

•Release Date:03-03-16

•Publisher: Recorded Books

When Trap Dawkins came to the Louisiana Bayou to help his teammate Wyatt to rescue his three infant daughters from the laboratory they were being experimented on, he never thought that there he would find the woman of his dreams.   Cayenne – another experiment of the madman Dr. Peter Whitney.  Only the very beautiful Cayenne was considered a failure and scheduled for extermination –  however, she had already been matched by pheromones to Trap and he wasn’t about to lose her now that he’d just found her.

As usual, Tom Stechschulte did a most admirable job of narrating this audio book, but and this is a big BUT – what has happened to the excitement and adventure I found so remarkable in this series.   I wondered many times – what am I reading?  Where as I have loved this series from the get-go and the adventures and action that encompasses all the other books in this series.   Who is now writing this?  Has Ms. Feehan foregone the adventure and creativeness of her characters for erotica and bondage?

I am really surprised I hung in there till the end, albeit I did fast-forward quite a bit through the eroticism and bondage type sex that took up a good 90% of this book.   If it weren’t for a couple of battles (which were far too short)  and wanting to discover what happened to Trap’s two evil uncles I would have tossed this away.   Even the meeting arranged with an old foe at the White House turned into a total letdown whereas I would have thought there would have been some kind of an altercation.

Bottom Line:   I can only wish that should Ms. Feehan, if she continues the Ghostwalker series, revert back to the excitement of telling a story with adventure and brilliant characterizations, rather than a very long episode ad nauseam of bondage and BDSM.   Trap could have been a wonderful lead – so very brilliant, handsome, etc – but so very controlling, abusive and such a complete bastard he rather turned me off.

Marilyn Rondeau



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