I’ve been reading Jill Shalvis off and on for years. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve started all of her various series, but have yet to finish one! I know many of my personal friends who will probably now disown me for that!

2016 has been a really rough year for me healthwise, and it’s put me into a major reading slump. When I picked up SWEET LITTLE LIES by Jill Shalvis I knew I would be in for a very enjoyable read, what I didn’t know was that it would be the book that brought back my total joy of reading.

Pru is a great character. She lost her parents in a tragic accident that changed her life in more ways than one. Now years later she has a job as a Captain for a charter company that does tours of the San Francisco Bay area. She has adopted a dog who is quite the character himself, and has just moved into an apartment complex which has a courtyard with a fountain that is said to bring true love to those who throw a coin into it and wish for it.

Pru is so generous she doesn’t wish for love for herself, but rather for Finn, a pub owner whose pub is near the complex. Finn has also lost a parent due to a tragic accident. Coincidence or not? Finn however has a sibling and with the death of his parent Finn’s life changes in more ways than one, and he now has little time for fun as he feels he needs to keep his brother on the straight and narrow.

When Pru and Finn meet the sparks fly, and the fun begins. Neither wants to be attracted to the other, but chemistry and fate have other plans for the couple. Will their secrets allow them to be together or will those secrets tear them apart never to be the awesome couple they can be?

As I said earlier SWEET LITTLE LIES is a great book, and I believe you need to plan your reading schedule accordingly. You won’t want to put it down!

Sweet Little Lies was an ARC that was provided to me for honest review.

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