Review: If the Earl Only Knew by Amanda Forester

If the EarlOnlyKnew

Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages   –  Publication: July 5th 2016 by Sourcebooks Casablanca    –  ISBN13: 9781492605492    –  Series: Daring Marriages #1

Rating:  5*

Amanda Forester is new author for me and after reading IF THE EARL ONLY KNEW, she will be an author I look for, especially for more books in this Daring Marriages series.

Lady Katherine Ashton and her twin brother were orphaned at twelve years old.  With no funds and no one to advocate for them, they were hauled off to debtors prison and separated.  Fortunately, one of their family’s retainers was able to get them released and both headed for the high seas.  Both were resigned to restoring their family fortune and to discover what exactly had happened to their family resources.

Years later, Katherine and her brother had successfully both restored their own fortune and had exceptional news to share with their investors.   Their meeting in London was going smoothly with the exception of the presence of the Earl of Wynbrook, who Kate met and shared a kiss with years before and hoped never to see again.  Kate had no desire to even be in London and could care less for mixing with the ton.   Other than finishing up business Kate would rather be at home in Gibraltar.  Unfortunately, issues had arisen both in Kate and her brothers boarding house as well as their ship’s cabin being ransacked forcing them to accept an invitation to stay at the Earl of Wynbrook’s estate.

The action and adventure continued as Wynbrook continued to get Kate to accept both his apology and renewed interest in her, while Kate’s outspokenness caused Wynbrook to discover that he had totally misjudged Kate all those years past.   All the while many attempts of break-ins, and attempts at kidnapping left this reader avidly turning the pages to see what came next.  Quite happily this was a totally pleasant and delightful read.

Bottom line:   The rapid pace, the lively dialogs and the engaging characters all added up to a very pleasing and highly enjoyable read.   As this has been my first sample of Ms. Forester’s writing I will definitely be looking for more from her and especially the future planned books in this new series.

Marilyn Rondeau

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