Shadow Rider by Christine Feehan (The Shadow Series)


Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0515156132

Publisher: Jove (June 28, 2016)

Publication Date: June 28, 2016


4-1/2* – Extremely good and imaginative new characters.

I have been a big fan of Ms. Feehan for many years, faithfully following most of her series so I was excited to begin this brand new Shadow Series right from the very first book. I quickly discovered, after reading this first book in the series (which I stayed up quite late to finish) that she has again captured me in her new creative and imaginative family of ‘shadow riders’.

With the help of a very good friend, Francesca Cappello has come to Chicago hoping to escape her tormentors and to start a new life.   From the moment she entered the Ferraro neighborhood, Francesca immediately drew the attention of Stefano Ferraro – the acknowledged head of the Ferraro family. Stefano recognized Francesca as a ‘rider’ immediately and as soon as their shadows touched he knew she was his.  Francesca’s reaction was an immediate awareness of a man who was dangerous, yet familiar, even though she imagined he was a Mafia type individual.  Eventually Francesca would be in for a surprise to discover just what he was!   Basically discovering who and what a ‘rider’ was took up a lot of story along with some exciting scenario’s of ‘justice’ served up where it truly needed to be felt.

I truly can’t tell you much more of the plot line without giving up spoilers.   Suffice it to say that this was a terrific read and looks to be another fabulous series by a master of the genre.   The only thing I will say is that Stefano needs to temper down his ‘control issues’   and I sincerely hope in the following books that Ms. Feehan slows down with her over the top type of erotica type sensual behavior.  Leave a bit more to the imagination instead of blow by blow descriptions of intimacy.

Marilyn Rondeau

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