Review: Blood Kiss by J. R. Ward


Blood Kiss: Black Dagger Legacy, Book 1 Audible

J. R. Ward (Author), Jim Frangione (Narrator)  – Listening Length: 12 hrs,  39 minutes

Program Type: Audiobook   – Publisher: Penguin Audio Release Date: December 1, 2015

Rating:    4-1/2*

Having followed the Black Dagger Brotherhood series from the very beginning, it seemed only natural for me to start with the spin-off series Black Dagger Legacy.  Paradise, blooded daughter of the king’s first advisor has already been mentioned in earlier books when she had assumed the position of receptionist where the king would come to hear the issues that surrounded the vampires under his protection here in his realm.   Paradise was so ready to break free of the restraints binding her as an aristocratic female she was thrilled when the next training center came around they were letting females join the program.  Paradise had been training on her own in the gym thinking she would be able to keep up with others. On the very first day of selection Paradise was faced with the unfathomably difficult tests of strength and survival facing them before they were even selected for the even tougher training program.  And all this before she fell in love with a fellow classmate – Craeg – a common civilian who would be nothing her aristocratic father would want for his daughter.

***  As usual the trainers in this series are all members of the Brotherhood with Butch O’Neal, aka at the Dhestroyer in charge.  Not only is he having issues with some of the cockier recruits, he is having personal issues in his own life.

Naturally, acts of violence and betrayals are woven into the training where some of the recruits who had lost entire families from the past violence between the Brothers and the Others had signed up not only for training but for vengeance.   The action is non-stop except for the simmering attraction between Paradise and Craeg.  Of course there are plenty of other sub-plots that Ward weaves into the main theme of BLOOD KISS, with one of them being the search for the rogue vampire who was beating on and killing innocent vampire civilian females.

Bottom line:   Intense, fast-paced, sensual, and exciting adventures are all combined to make this new spin-off series by Ms Ward another prime example of an excellent vampiric paranormal read.

Marilyn Rondeau

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