Review: Dr. DOA by Simon R Green

DrDoaNothing lasts forever….

Eddie Drood is a dead man walking. Despite his torc that envelops him in a protective armor, Eddie’s time is nearing to a close due to the diabolical actions of a secretive figure known only as DR. DOA.  Eddie is determined to solve his own murder, but will he and Molly run out of time?

If you haven’t read any of the prior Secret Histories novels, stop right now and beginning reading the series in order, starting with the first book, THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN TORC.  DR. DOA takes things full circle as events from the past are brought back into the light. It will make your enjoyment of DR. DOA so much greater if you have the whole context of the series in mind when you read DR. DOA. Besides, there’s absolutely no reason to miss out on any of the fun mayhem that’s sure to ensue when Eddie and Molly are around!

My love for the Secret Histories series only grows with each new installment! Simon R. Green really kicks things up a notch in DR. DOA as it took every ounce of willpower I have to not sneak a peek at the ending. Fair warning, however… DR. DOA ends with a giant cliffhanger.

DOA is yet another stunningly good tale from the crafty pen of Simon R. Green. I have yet to be disappointed by anything Simon R. Green writes. The Secret Histories series is at a critical point and I can’t wait to see what twists and turns are ahead for us! Highly recommended!

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