Review: Marked By Honor by Lauren Linwood


Marked by Honor (Knights of Valor #2) – Publication: July 6th 2016 – Windtree Publishing

ASIN:  B01EEKVMSK   –  Rating 5*

The  second book of Ms. Linwood’s Knights of Valor series, picks up after the main leads from WORD OF HONOR, have found their happily ever after.  However, in no way should you assume that the first book should be read first as MARKED BY HONOR IS a complete stand alone.   But, speaking from experience – the first book was as great as this one!

Lady Beatrice Bordel, has led a less than comfortable life than the one she had been for into.  At the age of three, her beloved father had been killed in a freak accident as he attempted to save Beatrice from injury and lost his own life instantly that day when his horse stumbled.  Lady Beatrice has since blamed herself for that accident and has never willingly gone near another horse.  Her mother was so grief stricken, she took Beatrice away to her grandparents rented manor where they lived, and where her mother simply faded away from heartbreak.   On the same day Bea’s mother died, her beloved grandfather was struck down by a heart attack and died as well leaving Beatrice alone but for their one servant.

Within days, Bea and the servant headed out to her grandfather’s best friends estate.  She hoped once there, to be able to persuade from him a position as housekeeper, servant, anything to keep a roof over her head.  She and the servant were attacked on the way by three highwaymen and if not for the timely arrival of Sir Raynor, an honorable knight, Beatrice was saved from a fate worse than death.  Not being able to trust any man at that point, Bea told a lie that she was being escorted to her betrothed by her servant who was now dead.   Unfortunately, this one lie wold be her undoing as Raynor who had fallen completely in love with Bea knew he had to back off – for honor’s sake rather than take advantage of another’s betrothed.

***  Like the first book in this series, Ms. Linwood gives totally fleshed out characters and good motivational emotions so that the reader quickly becomes invested in hoping that good things could finally begin to happen to good people.   Naturally the feelings between Beatrice and Raynor grew exponentially with both feeling guilty over their attraction and feelings.   Raynor for battling his good judgement and afraid to be dishonorable; and Beatrice very afraid to admit her true feelings for Raynor and confess her lie.

Having taken the time to help Raynor bring his brothers estate, which had been sadly neglected, back to order, Raynor escorted  Beatrice further north to her proposed new home and betrothed. Other than both trying to behave themselves, the trip was somewhat uneventful, until they arrived and that my dear readers is where I will leave you.  Just know that surprises and twists will definitely follow in what I have come to expect from this author whose writing is such a pleasure and whom I look forward to following.  So far an excellent series and highly enjoyable reading!

Marilyn Rondeau

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