REVIEW: A Summer To Remember by Marilyn Pappano

A Summer To Remember

Marilyn Pappano

I went in to A SUMMER TO REMEMBER wanting a light and fun romance, and that is exactly what I got! This book was a quick and charming read.

The plot of A SUMMER TO REMEMBER is what made it so addicting for me. I think Marilyn does a great job at keeping the plot interesting through out the book. Sophia has been fighting something going on in her body that forces her to pretty much shut down. She has no idea what it is or if it will kill her. Which is why, meeting Elliot one night and having him change her life completely was never even in her dreams. Sophia needs and wants answers as to what is going on with her body before she can commit to Elliot. First she needs to tell him what is going on with her and of course, she does that when it is too late.

The chemistry between Sophia and Elliot is undeniable. Every moment between them is filled with sexual tension. Marilyn really knows how to create chemistry between two people! The problem I have with the romance between Sophia and Elliot is that I thought it felt like insta-love. I wanted more of a slow burning romance. It was hard for me to believe the deep connection they had, because it seemed like they barely knew each other. I wanted more tension between them before they shared their first actual kiss. The tension came later. I know that sometimes you meet your soul mate and things move very fast, but usually it still takes some time to realize what is right in front of you. Even though I had a hard time believing how quickly Sophia and Elliot fell in love, I still thought they were a cute couple by the end of the book. A SUMMER TO REMEMBER is such a heart warming story and soon you will find yourself feeling as if you are sitting right there in the bakery watching Elliot create his delicious breads.

I think that A SUMMER TO REMEMBER is a fun summer read! I will recommend this to anyone who is looking for a perfect romance novel. I am excited to check out more books by Marilyn Pappano. Once I started reading Sophia and Elliot’s story, I could not put it down. Some of the secondary characters are from previous novels in this series called Tallgrass and even though I haven’t read them all, I had no trouble following along.

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