Review: I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh

ILetYouGoOne moment and a life was changed. One moment cost a mother everything.

Detective Inspector Ray Stevens, Detective Sergeant Jake “Stumpy” Owen, and Detective Constable Kate Evans are doing everything they can to discover who killed Jacob in the hit and run accident. The leads are quickly drying up but the case has captured their hearts. Meanwhile, Jenna Gray is haunted by the memories of that car accident and she escapes to a tiny village where she begins the task of rebuilding her life. Unfortunately, the past is never far behind.

Okay, I’m not going to lie… I LET YOU GO truly infuriated me! Don’t get me wrong- the actual storyline and the execution of the plot is absolutely brilliant. Claire Mackintosh pulls off a couple major twists that leave the reader stunned with disbelief. The twists are quite clever, so clever in fact that when I realized one I actually went back and started rereading as I just couldn’t believe it.

However, one of the twists just happens to also hit a very sore point for me. I won’t reveal any spoilers but just know that my own personal history involves me losing a very beloved nephew (who was more like a son) to a car accident.  Readers who are sensitive to domestic violence should also be aware that I LET YOU GO contains some very graphic and all too realistic scenes that may be difficult for them to read.

I LET YOU GO is one of those books that everyone is going to be talking about and reading. Fans of GONE GIRL and THE GIRL ON A TRAIN will appreciate the surprises Claire Mackintosh has in store for them with I LET YOU GO.  My own enjoyment of I LET YOU GO is tempered by the content rather than the actual execution of the storyline as I suspect other readers will enjoy I LET YOU GO immensely.

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