Review: The Nightmare Stacks by Charles Stross

TheNightmareStacksBeing a vampire isn’t easy for Alex Schwartz.  In one drastic change, he lost his humanity, his job, and his perspective of the world. Now, he’s in the bureaucratic grasp of the Laundry. Meanwhile, he’s interested in Cassie Brewer, but will her secrets destroy him? Code Nightmare Red has started… and the whole world is at stake!

THE NIGHTMARE STACKS is the seventh book in The Laundry Files series. The earlier books in the series are told from the point of view of Bob Howard (with one exception, when his wife narrates). However, THE NIGHTMARE STACKS switches to a different narrator and thus is an excellent point for new readers to jump right into The Laundry Files series.

Alex is an interesting character. Yes, he’s a vampire but he is not like any other vampires I’ve read before! In fact, he’s quite nerdy and insecure at times. I can’t help but love his reactions about his family.  Alex grew on me as the story progressed but I can’t deny that I missed Bob and his perspectives. However, Alex is a great new narrator and a welcome addition to the series!

THE NIGHTMARE STACKS is yet another enthralling addition to The Laundry Files series. If you haven’t gotten a taste of Charles Stross’ quirky blend of horror and science fiction, THE  NIGHTMARE STACKS is the perfect place to start. Easily recommended!

*ARC received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

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