REVIEW: Not Always Happenstance by Rachel Anderson

Not Always Happenstance

Rachel Anderson

ARC received for an honest review

NOT ALWAYS HAPPENSTANCE is a wonderful addition to the Power of the Matchmaker series. This has been one of my favorite series this year and every time a new book comes out, I run to it to devour and savor it. That is exactly what happened while reading NOT ALWAYS HAPPENSTANCE by Rachel Anderson.



Lani has been in Hawaii for five years helping her grandmother run the bed and breakfast there. There is a cottage on the property and for five years no one has stayed in it and her grandmother refuses to talk about it. Then one day, a stranger walks up to the front desk to Lani’s amazement and declares that he will be staying in the cottage.



Easton has always been one who goes from woman to woman and when he is done, sometimes he doesn’t even say goodbye. Before he left for Hawaii, his girlfriend said to him that she hopes he meets a woman who he gives his heart to. She also said she hopes this woman will break his heart. Wow, that burns Easton and stays with him the whole time he is in Hawaii.



Lani has just accepted her longtime boyfriend Derek’s proposal and tells him she will follow him to the states in just a few weeks. Well, that turns into a few months much to Derek’s dismay. He agrees to wait three months for her. When things take a turn with Easton, Lani calls Derek and lets him know she won’t be returning to the states. Lani swears it has nothing to do with Easton but we soon find out that isn’t true.



NOT ALWAYS HAPPENSTANCE is a quick read and had me turning the pages with such anticipation. I had to find out what was going to happen to Lani and Easton. Would Easton stay in Hawaii? Would Lani go to Derek in the states? Would Pearl, the matchmaker work her magic and have another couple, who didn’t know their soulmate even existed, fall in love? As I was reading NOT ALWAYS HAPPENSTANCE I felt like I was right there on the island, smelling all the sweet flowers, staring out into the ocean, waiting for Lani and Easton to see what is right there in front of their faces. I’m excited to read more of this wonderful series.

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