Review: Must Love Wieners by Casey Griffin


Publication: August 2nd 2016    *      St. Martin’s Paperbacks

ISBN13: 9781250084675         *       Series:  A Rescue Dog Romance #1

Rating: 5*

I really enjoy discovering a new author and MUST LOVE WEINERS was just the ticket to highlight this author’s sense of humor, love of canines as well as plotting out a great mystery and sensual romance. PLUS a bonus of knowing that there are more books to come in her Rescue Dog Romances.

Piper Summers is the main character working and juggling three jobs to put herself through veterinarian school – driving taxis, delivering pizzas, and wearing goofy costumes to deliver a singing telegram.  Piper travels with her devoted sidekick, Colin her beloved dachshund she had adopted from the rescue center where she volunteers.  Unfortunately Piper had just had one of the worse and possibly the best day of her life.  Piper lost the taxi job and the pizza delivery job, but even after falling into the lap of her singing telegram client and spilling his coffee all over his lap she might have earned the best job ever.

Aiden Caldwell is a billionaire CEO who just adopted a dachshund form the same rescue center Piper volunteers at.  He’s determined to hire Piper to be his personal dog walker…but with the salary he’s offering Piper feels he’s looking for more than she’s willing to sell.  Piper is everything Aiden has been looking for but Piper has some serious trust issues where men are concerned and no matter how gorgeous and nice Aiden is – circumstances happen where Piper doesn’t know who to trust.

This book was so funny I had a very hard time putting it down.  The characters were all interesting and well fleshed out and the secondary characters were as likable as the main ones.   The scenarios were both funny and at times chilling and who was causing the scary and dangerous incidents was held back until the very end with twists, I really never guessed at.

Bottom line:   This was a hoot and Piper’s singing telegram gigs were quite unique with outlandish descriptive costumes which kept the chuckles coming.  Great writing and fast pace made this a hard-to-put-down book.   Highly recommended!

Marilyn Rondeau

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