Review: The Earl’s Wager by Rebecca Thomas


Published July 25th 2016 by Entangled Publishing, LLC (Scandalous)

Series:    Reluctant Bride #2      Rating:    4*

It’s taken many years for Will Sutton, Earl of Grandleigh to emerge from his family’s disgrace and he’s still working on bringing his estate back from the ruin his father left it in.   Will feels he can save his estate by investing in a racehorse, though when he hears what they cost he is taken aback.  However, his brother-in-law who is one of the leading breeder of race horses offers him a deal.  If he can take his brother-in-laws stubborn and obstinate American ward under his wing and find her a proper husband, he will gift Will with one of his finest young stallions.  I mean, how difficult could that be especially seeing how lovely she is.

What Will was about to discover was that Miss Georgia Duvall had no marriage in mind for herself.  What Georgia did want was her obscenely hefty inheritance.  She knew she would marry but not to be a brood mare for some titled gentleman.  What Georgia wanted was to find a very old, sickly husband so that she would soon be a widow and be able to build her own racing stable.

God knows she would never defy her deceased father’s wishes but what about her dreams?  The strictures of being a Lady in jolly old England were not for her.  She wanted the freedom she’d grown up running wild in the horse country of Virginia.

Straitlaced Will Sutton thought he could teach her manners and marry her of to a suitable suitor, but Georgia was abut to teach Will a thing or two, about enjoying himself and he just might enjoy the ride!

Great characters and interaction allowing some quite humorous dialogs.  The pages somehow flew by and the battle lines were drawn between two very obstinate people until they discovered they had more in common than learning lady and gentlemen like behavior.

Bottom line:   A really good and enjoyable read and one I recommend.

Marilyn Rondeau

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