Review: Don’t Tempt Me

Don't Tempt Me

Sweet, steamy romance that will take you away.

I will have to say right away I loved DON’T TEMPT ME. Readers get two very complex stories in one great book. You will meet Honor Brown, a sweetheart of a girl determined to make it on her own, so much so that she equates accepting help as showing weakness. After losing her mother, she is dropped off at her grandfather’s home by her father who then disappears. Her aunts and cousin always made her feel as if she was taking advantage of the old man … even though that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Jason Guthrie, her new next door neighbor, is a helper. He does things for people, it’s just the way he is. The last thing he does want is the attraction he feels for her. After all she’s prickly, defensive and closed up. But as she slowly loosens around him, he finds that the woman she is hiding is a damn fine one, who makes his heart beat a lot faster. He didn’t expect the protectiveness that sweeps over him when he finds she is harassed and endangered. Nothing was going to happen to her if he could help it.

The second part of the story line brings us Lexie Perkins, Honor’s best friend, and what most people would see as a party girl. Sullivan Dean might be attracted to her, but the last thing he wants is an involvement with her. He wants to work with and teach his martial arts to students who need an outlet. Little by little the party girl façade falls away as she lets him see the warm, caring woman she really is.

DON’T TEMPT ME is a fantastic read that will give you the proverbial warm fuzzies as you devour the pages. Honor and Lexie are two different types of women bonded together out of need. Jason has his hands full with his brother and nephew who have moved in with him after the brother’s marriage broke up, but he is unable to not help Honor with her dilapidated house. It takes Honor a while to learn that accepting help is OK, and also to later find her backbone. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and the patience of Jason, who despite his own reluctance, knew she is special. Then add in Sullivan and Lexie’s story and their learning curve with each other and wham … love all around. I enjoyed the “giving” Honor a guard dog (you will have to read it to understand what I mean by that) and the two brothers and son/nephew’s interaction with each other as we the reader are getting to know them. I enjoyed this little town and the people in it and want to move there. If you want romance, sweet and steamy, men who are men (raised right with manners and well … hot), and women who are strong in their own rights, then DON’T TEMPT ME will be a read you want in your hands.

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