Review: The Sight by Chloe Neill

TheSightClaire Connolly is learning more about her hidden magical abilities while moonlighting as an apprentice bounty hunter with Liam Quinn. Liam is aware that Claire is a Sensitive and he struggles to keep a boundary between them, ever fearful she could lose control and become a wraith.  Should Claire become a wraith, Liam would have to lock her in Devil’s Isle, the government-sanctioned community for all individuals displaying paranormal abilities.  However, a cult is now targeting anyone who isn’t actively interested in eradicating all paranormals. Can Claire and Liam work together to once again save New Orleans? Or will they have to sacrifice everything to stop Reveillon?

Chloe Neill does a marvelous job at furthering the world building and character development in THE SIGHT. THE SIGHT is focused more on the politics underlying the various factions as we start to get a better sense of just how divided the world has become.  One of the aspects that really enhances our understanding of the world is that Claire is surrounded by friends who are in various roles within the new governmental system. Whether it’s seeing things from the perspective of a bounty hunter, containment agent, or a paranormal trapped in Devil’s Isle, we get an inside look at how the relationships intertwine.

Claire is a phenomenal urban fantasy heroine! She isn’t afraid to do the right thing, even when it costs her everything. In fact, my only complaint with THE SIGHT is the enormous cliffhanger moment Chloe Neill leaves us with. My heart is still breaking for Claire and I can only hope Chloe Neill’s next book is published soon.

Chloe Neill has rapidly become one of my favorite urban fantasy authors and THE SIGHT once again showcases her phenomenal talent. If you haven’t read THE VEIL yet, stop what you are doing and read that before starting THE SIGHT.  Chloe Neill plunges readers headlong into the second book of the Devil’s Isle series, and oh what a treat she has for readers!  Highly recommended!

*A copy of this book was provided from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

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