Review: Putting Out Old Flames by Allyson Charles

Putting Out Flames

Published August 16th 2016 by Lyrical Shine

ISBN13:    9781601836038    Series:   Pineville #1

Rating:  4*

Jane Willoughby who hardly ever takes a day off from her job of answering 911 calls was blindsided when she opened her door to meet her new co-chair for the Annual Firemen’s ball.   How much worse could she feel to see her ex standing on her doorstep!  The man who broke her heart by leaving town with no face to face but leaving her a greeting card!  Jane has kept her rage at a slow simmer but her temper is about to explode other than the fact that the Mayor was also there and she didn’t think letting loose now would be to her advantage!

Chance McGovern her one true love from high school broke up with Jane with a damn greeting card and today he agrees it was a cowardly thing to do but when your a young dumb kid settling down was just not in his plans at that time.  So after nine years he finds himself face to face with Jane. Unfortunately, Chance senses her disgust  even as she is admiring his fine looking washboard abs and even broader shoulders than she remembered.

What follows is a rather enjoyable tale of “she protests to much”. However enter an adorable 4 year old (Chance’s son) and Jane can’t help to adore the little tot and begins to soften just a smidgen towards Chance for love of Josh.  Enter Chance’s ex-wife and let the battles begin.

Bottom line:   A pleasant and pleasurable summer read.  Recommended.

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