Her Rogue Alpha


Layla Halliwell is a feline shifter who is in love with former Special Force Jayson Harmon. Unfortunately he was badly injured and in pain and can’t get his head around the fact that this beauty wants nothing more than have him as HER ROGUE ALPHA.

Unknown to Layla, Jayson allows himself to be a test guinea pig in the hopes of being stronger and in his mind worthy of Layla. Almost immediately he is sent out on a mission that is suppose to be a simple search and rescue that goes horribly wrong and he is almost taken out by his so called partner. Layla breaks the rules and goes after him because she knows something that he doesn’t about the injection that he took. Will she be in time or too late? And will the truth be too much for them to even have a chance.

HER ROGUE ALPHA is action packed but with a lot of personal interaction going on. This is Layla and Jayson’s fantastic story but a number of other plot lines continue in author Paige Tyler’s X-Ops series. I loved Layla and her determination to make a difference in the world around her and to try to make Jayson come to his senses. I understand where Jayson is coming from; he had been special forces and now reduced to a weapons specialist, but I wanted to bang his head in the wall for taking the chance with the hybrid drug. Why would he trust the idiot who is charge of that particular part of the operations? No one does! Oh … well I guess love will make you do stupid things. I enjoyed all the different touches that lets the reader revisit characters from the previous books as always and the ongoing situations that has readers biting their nails wondering what will happen next. Ms. Tyler is one of my automatic reads and this one is no exception, so if you love shifters, alpha heroes, romance, action and a few surprises then HER ROGUE ALPHA has got to be in your hands.

Twilight Dreams



When Holly Parrish mistakes Micah Ravenwood for someone else, her life takes on a dramatic and unforeseen turn. She finds herself in the midst of TWILIGHT DREAMS where vampires exist and this gorgeous man is one of them

Micah is a vampire who has survived thanks to the help of a close friend Rylan Saintcrow, a very ancient vampire. Micah remembers much of his humanity, he still has his family, who don’t know what he has become and now he has the beginning of a sweet romance going with a lovely woman.

Too bad another ancient vampire is hunting his friend and pulling him into danger and by his involvement with Holly she is a target too. Unfortunately, Holly doesn’t have time to adjust to the new world she had been thrown into making things very uncomfortable and very worrisome. Holly has to decide if she is still sane and if she could possibly love a vampire … he’s gorgeous and sweet but … he’s dead.

Author Amanda Ashley taking us into her amazing world of vampires with another sexy, intriguing read in TWILIGHT DREAMS. Micah’s story is touching and makes you understand his reluctance in falling for Holly, having buried a past human lover. Holly is feisty, though there were a few times that I found her irritating, but then again I haven’t found out the guy I was falling in love with is a vampire. Not sure how I would handle that either. I loved that when Micah realizes that Holly is in danger his first thought is her protection and the safest place he could think of is the town he had left behind, protected by the most powerful vampire he knows. It was also very interesting that Micah’s “human” family didn’t have any idea of his being a vampire and the danger they face that forces him to admit to the truth. I loved his mother’s reaction and as a Mom myself can totally understand her.

TWILIGHT DREAMS is the sequel to “As Twilight Falls” where we met Rylan and Kadie and in this book we have time to learn more about their lives while Holly works through her worries and fears. Micah also has a few things to think over too and of course we get some very steamy moments while they are both thinking. I have never been disappointed in any of Ms. Ashley’s books and this one is right up there with the others.

Quick note: This is a book I reviewed originally for Fresh Fiction in 2015 but this re-release has been added to for Ms. Ashley’s new publisher. If you enjoyed the first go around with the added scenes and time it is even better. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

Review: Incubation by Laura DiSilverio


Reunion Day is approaching and Everly Jax is excited about the possibility of learning who her parents are. Unfortunately, everything she hopes for is shattered that day and Everly instead escapes from her home in the Kube. Everly and her two best friends, Halla and Wyck, struggle to survive the dangers lurking in the outside world, but each one of them has a different goal in mind. Can they forge a path in a world outside the Kube?

I love that Laura DiSilverio takes time to build up her characters as we begin to get a sense for just how much they have endured in this harsh, dystopian world. Everly is, of course, my favorite. She’s a spunky heroine, loyal to her friends even when that loyalty hurts. Halla and Wyck are interesting as well, but it is Saben and Fiere who intrigue me the most. I hope we see more of them in the second book as I’m fascinated by their stories so far.

INCUBATION is the first book in The Incubation Trilogy, and wow, what a way to kick the series off! I’ve read some of Laura DiSilverio’s cozy mysteries before but I think I love her writing style all the more in this genre. I can’t wait to start on the second book, particularly considering the major cliffhanger that ends INCUBATION. Easily recommended!

*A copy of this book was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Review: The Readaholics and the Gothic Gala by Laura DiSilverio


It was supposed to be a “Celebration of Gothic Novels” but somehow it ended in murder instead. Amy-Faye Johnson is in charge of organizing all the events associated with the event, but the authors attending are proving to quite difficult.  Amy-Faye and the Readaholics set out to investigate. Does one of the visiting authors harbor a secret worth killing for?

I love Amy-Faye and the rest of the Readaholics so it was with great pleasure that I dived into THE READAHOLICS AND THE GOTHIC GALA! Maud is still my favorite character as I love her quirky personality and ability to see conspiracies everywhere. I like that we get a bit more insight into her character and her history, as we meet some of her former college friends in THE READAHOLICS AND THE GOTHIC GALA.

THE READAHOLICS AND THE GOTHIC GALA is the third book in the Book Club Mystery series but can easily be read as a standalone. REBECCA is one of my all-time favorite classics, so I was thrilled to see the combination of a great series and a great classic. And oh, Laura DiSilverio does a magnificent job at weaving the classic story of REBECCA into the plotline of THE READAHOLICS AND THE GOTHIC GALA! If you like gothic novels and mysteries, then you’re in for a real treat with this book!

*The author provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*