Review: American Assassin by Vince Flynn


Simon and Schuster AudioAuthor         Performed by: George Guidall

Listening Length: 11 hours and 36 minutes Release Date: October 12, 2010    ASIN: B0046XYGIO

Knowing how much I love suspense and deep covert type books, I was advised to try Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series.   So naturally I went and bought the very first book to find out who this guy was and I suppose I wasn’t really surprised when I discovered just how wonderful it was to discover a new to me author and a series I fully intend to follow!    I missed my calling – in that had I been introduced at an early age to covert ops and such I would have signed right up! Yet in spite of my day dreams I live vicariously through the written page of masters of the genre, like Mr. Vince Flynn.

Mitch Rapp initially was a top athlete whose thoughts of being any type of super agent was the furthest thing from his mind before tragedy struck.  Decades of partisan politics had left the country in a vulnerable position but thankfully that was about to change with the help of Cold War and CIA operations director Thomas Stansfield who knows we must prepared for the rise of Islamic terroism most knew was coming.

Mitch Rapp had lost the love of his life on the Pan Am Lockerbie terrorist attack.  Now he was out for revenge, and a chance with little more than six month of intense training has prepared him to go after the arms dealers who are at the beginning of the chain of madmen which Mitch is decidedly ready to eradicate.

Absolute, suspense, and high octane writing kept me on the edge of the seat through out this incredible audio version of AMERICAN ASSASSIN.   George Guidall’s performance was spot on thrusting the listener right into the middle of the action.   Personally, I am grateful to those who pointed me in Vince Flynn’s direction.  This is a series I can’t wait to sink my teeth into!

Marilyn Rondeau

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