Do you like hot firefighters? How about sweet romance? OK then do you want to add a bit of mystery into the mix? Then ABLAZE is the perfect book for you.

Paramedic Lexi Fletcher has transferred to Station 58 and she is thrilled for a couple of reasons. One is her commute is shorter the other is Dane Chandler. He’s a firefighter who sets her on fire. Just when things manage to warm up for the couple strange things start to happen. Some of the patients she has brought to the hospital are turning up dead even though they were in stable if not good condition when she left them. Something is not right and the only one who believes her is Dane. Are these just freaky coincidences or is someone out there killing people.

ABLAZE is to put it simply … a great read. Between the couple, the atmosphere of the fire fighter world and an interesting mystery you will find yourself unable to put this book down. The characters are believable and interesting with varied personalities that you will allow you to enjoy the camaraderie of the heroes. Add sometimes funny moments to the story line. The romance moves at a good pace (might have gone faster if some “friends” would stop dropping by at just the wrong time). The touch of mystery was just right and as I am one who tries to solve the crime before I get to the reveal, I must admit I was not looking at the right “bad guy.” The station is filled with fascinating men and women and I can’t wait to see who is next.

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