Review: My Seductive Highlander by Maeve Greyson


Publisher: Loveswept (October 11, 2016)    Publication Date: October 11, 2016

Sold by: Random House LLC  ASIN: B01AQO16Q6     Rating:   5*

As the last of the time -traveling sisters, Lilia Sinclair is planted solidly in the 21st century in Edinburgh while her grandmother and sisters are living their lives with their Scottish heroes back in the 13th century.  Lilia is blessed (or cursed) with prophetic visions knowing of the troubling events of the Scottish Highlands, she is too frightened to return and has surrounded herself with an icy emotional wall to keep from being hurt.   No problem!  Her wily grandmother is planning to send a Scottish hero, albeit for his own good to the 21st century in order to save her granddaughter – ever knowing that Lilia will never live in ancient Scotland.

Grahm MacTavis is trouble with a capital “T”.  After living 300 years as a cursed dragon bound to Loch Ness once the curse was broken he has been living in the fast lane and nothing in a skirt is safe from him, including wives of Highland Chieftains who want to hang him high.   To keep the peace, and prevent a clan war granny has sent Graham to the future with the knowledge that Lilia is his true mate.

The one thing granny did not inform Graham of was just how stubborn his bride-to-be would be and she also never let him now that she just might be his equal wielding a sword or hitting targets with a bow and arrow!

Oh my, each and every book in this series was phenomenal and to say which one I liked the best is impossible because as far as I can tell each stood completely on it’s own and was fabulous!  There was definitely a good bit of humor in MY SEDUCTIVE HIGHLANDER especially where Angus and Graham were discovering the mystery of flushing a toilet – wonder of wonders for a 13th century highlander.   What was even better was the sweet and believable romance between Lilia and Graham.  Not to say there wasn’t some suspense and dramatic moments with Lilia’s lifelong friend Eliza growing older and frailer.

Bottom Line: 

This was such a wonderful time travel tale!   It was so good and I’m sorry if this is the end because I would love to see it continue for many more books in order to continue this family of remarkable time-runners.  Simply a great book to curl up with any time – day or night.

Marilyn Rondeau

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